The key to be wise is always based on the knowledge of one's self


Learning how to manage that marvelous energy of sex means become a master of creation


The law of karma is the law that links in a wise and intelligent manner the effect with its cause. Everything good or bad that we have done in any of our lives will bring good or bad consequences for this or coming existences.


The humanity is living very difficult moments. 

The man has forgotten of “himself” and commits mistakes, which consequences are the pain and diseases.


St. Paul tells us in the Bible: "You possess fleshly body and spiritual body." We have Practices for yourself to see your soul leave the body ...

Urine Therapy
Urine therapy

.: Actual quality of life.

The humanity is living very difficult moments and diseases reign everywhere. 

The man has forgotten of “himself” and commits mistakes, which consequences are the pain and diseases. We have been deceived by the false illusion of the matter and its highest expression: the consumer society. 


The man is destroying “himself” by eating “junk food”, industrialized food, (frozen products, compotes, hamburgers, products based upon meat or fish, appetizers, salty snacks such us potato chips, cheetos, pretzels, etc. all of which use the additive monosodium glutamate).


According to Jesús Fernández Tresguerres professor of the Complutense University of Madrid, treatment of neonatal mice with large, repeated doses of monosodium glutamate produces unbalance and lesion in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus where many hormones that control the appetite, are synthesized. The monosodium glutamate unbalance the mechanism that inhibit the appetite, increasing the voraciousness by 40%, creating an addiction in which the person becomes slave of these foods and organic disturbances that lead to obesity.

According to Dr. Russell member of the European Editorial Counseling Medical Sentinel and more than 100 scientists, they relate the monosodium glutamate with migraine headaches, neuropsychiatry disorders, endocrine disorders, infant learning disabilities, AIDS dementia, obesity, degenerative diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, etc. The women utilize contraceptives that block the activity of the ovaries and the womb, atrophying and degenerating them. As a consequence, there is no production of natural estrogen and therefore, calcium cannot be assimilated leading to osteoporosis, endocrine disorders and sexual frigidity. For more information visit our section Consequences of contraception methods.

Moreover, the Hormone Replacement Therapy and its high risk of cancer was prohibited in United States, but unfortunately, is recommended by gynecologists in Latino America. Also, vices such as alcoholism, smoking cigarettes, drugs, pornography and masturbation, which produce so much damage and disorders in the organism.

All of this has been favoring a propitious field for diseases, but the humanity cry out and ask for help for cure.

.: The two medicines.

There are two kinds of knowledge: one is the human and the other one is divine. The first one is the knowledge acquired by the man and the other one is coming from God through the light of nature. 

For this reason there are two classes of medicine: one from the man and the other one inspired by God. The medicine from the man is made in laboratories base upon synthetic components with any kind of contraindications that replace the natural receptors of the brain, which control the physiological mechanisms of the human being. 

These synthetic components are chemicals that in general block the symptoms of illness for the entire life of a person (antihistamines, antidepressant drugs, medicines that control blood pressure, contraceptives, bronchodilator, vasodilator, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , ( NSAID s or NAID s) and steroids, etc.).

The use of NSAID s (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen) is clear related to irritation and of the gastrointestinal tract including bleeding. The new generation of anti-inflammatory drugs, also called super-aspirins, such as Celebrex, Bextra, Vioxx, etc. may cause an increased risk of serious cardiovascular thrombotic events, myocardial infarction and cerebral strokes. For all these reasons, the FDA withdrew Vioxx from the market and demanded the laboratory that produced it because it has killed many people.

The Diclofenac, (marketed as Voltaren ) may increase the risk of myocardial infarction. It is known that the Chloramphenicol induces aplastic anemia, which is a condition where bone marrow does not produce sufficient new cells to replenish blood cells. The medicines for the high blood pressure reduce the sexual and heart strength. The aspirin is related to weakness in the gastrointestinal tract and is a potent factor to produce ulcers. The antihistamines produce liver damage.

The corticosteroids have secondary effects, among others: obesity, diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer, suppression of the axis hypothalamus-adrenal, problems of growth, osteoporosis, retention of water and sodium, hypertension, etc. The cimetidine is antiandrogenic (inhibit the production of sperms). 

The scientist and American medical astronaut, Duane Graveline, specialist in aerospace medicine together with hundred scientists of the Medical Counsel Directory of the Magazine Discovery Health, denounce that the statins (Lipitor, Lovastatin, Pravachol, etc.) generate secondary effects as insomnia, vertigo, paresthesia, drowsiness, decrease of the libido, amnesia, nightmare, peripheral neuropathy, stiff neck, facial paralysis, depression, continuous variation of the mood without apparent reason, etc, etc.)

The Doctor Graveline, in Discovery Health No. 91, relates that in the year 2,001 he was prescribed Atorvastatin (Lipitor) to lowers the amount of cholesterol that was a little high. "My cholesterol had been trending upward for several years and all was well until six weeks later when my wife found me aimlessly walking about the yard after I returned from my usual walk in the woods. I did not recognize her, reluctantly accepted cookies and milk and refused to go into my now unfamiliar home.


I "awoke" six hours later in the office of the examining neurologist with the diagnosis of transient global amnesia, cause unknown. My MRI several days later was normal. Since Lipitor was the only new medicine I was on, the doctor in me made me suspect a possible side effect of this drug and, despite the protestations of the examining doctors that statin drugs did not do this, I stopped my Lipitor. ??The year passed uneventfully and soon it was time for my next astronaut physical. NASA doctors joined the chorus I had come to expect from physicians and pharmacists during the preceding year, that statin drugs did not do this and at their bidding I reluctantly restarted Lipitor at one-half the previous dose.


Six weeks later I again descended into the black pit of amnesia, this time for twelve hours and with a retrograde loss of memory back to my high school days. During that terrible interval, when my entire adult life had been eradicated, I had no awareness of my marriage and children, my medical school days, my ten adventure-filled years as a USAF flight surgeon or my selection as NASA scientist astronaut. All had vanished from my mind as completely as if they had never happened. Fortunately, and typically for this obscure condition, my memory returned spontaneously and again I drove home listening to my wife's amazing tale of how my day (and hers) had gone. Later I read the study accomplished by Dr. Golomb from the University of California about the statins and understood that there were many cases like mine. Now, we have many reports.

But there is another medicine and it is the pharmacy of the nature, the holy plants and all what constitutes the creation. Moreover, we must understand that the human being carries within “himself” his own medicine. Only God gives us the wise medicine.

.: The urine is the water of life.

We must remember:

At the beginning of the life, every human being has drunk his own urine. When we were within our mother's bosom and the genital organs were developed, the kidney functioned and since then we began to drink our own urine.

The baby urine approximately ½ liter daily, mainly in the last months and is growing by drinking his own amniotic liquid with urine. The fact that the baby drinks his own urine has been scientifically verified by pelvic ultrasound scanning.

The urine is very similar to the amniotic liquid in its content. ?God's wisdom is huge and knows that the urine is sacred and for that reason the life is developed in the sea from urine of amnion. In old times the urine was used as a curative element, but with the development of the modern science the man isolated himself from the nature and the divine and created the famous synthetic medicine of laboratory.

Doctor Atom Inoue, who I consider the father of the modern urine therapy, graduated as a doctor in Tokyo and professor of medicine at the Free University of Berlin. He has also exerted as doctor and acupuncturist in Nicaragua and in Bogota at the Clinic of the Forest. In his masterful work about the Urine therapy, he states to the world from a rigorously scientific point of view that the curative qualities of the water of life will create a revolution in the medicine. Dr Nakao of the Medical Society of Japan also pointed out this statement.

All the diseases can be cured and the doctor who says that a disease is incurable denies God and the great power of the arcane of the creation. ?Mr. Morarji Desai, ex--first minister of India, an allied fighter of Mahatma Gandhi in the independence of his country, was cured of a terminal cancer that suffered when he was 40 years old. He gave testimony of his treatment publicly. Today, he is over 100 years old and with great vigor continues participating in politics. We must remember that the first international congress of Urine therapy was celebrated in Goa, India in February of 1996.



.: What is the urine? 


The kidneys filter all the blood of the organism. 99% of this filtered liquid circulates again around the blood and only 1% is eliminated as the urine.  The urine is similar to the serum of the blood.

What does it contain?

  • The urine contains the hormone SPU. This hormone is antibiotic, analgesic and increases the resistance of the immunological system.
  • Immunoglobuline, helps generating antibodies against virus and bacteria that cause asthma, allergic rinithis, atopic dermatitis and allergic reactions to drugs, foods, insects bites.
  • Interferon, is a peptide that stimulates the immunological mechanisms of defense, increasing the immunological resistance to cure diseases. It prevents the multiplication of cancerous cells.
  • Gonadotrophin stimulates in the men the production of testosterone within the testicles and in the women regulates the menstrual period, stimulating the maturation of the ovule.
  • Growth Hormone GH, Dissolves fats particularly in the abdomen, stimulates the growth of the osseous tissue until the end of the puberty, stimulates the protein synthesis in muscles and bones and influences the activity of different enzymes.
  • Urokinase, dissolve the blood clots that may cause heart attack, destroys the blood clots in lungs, veins and arteries. It is a thrombolytic agent.
  • AntineoPlaston: chemical substance that helps to cure the cancer. Its name comes from antineoplastic, which means that inhibit the development of a neoplasm (a tumor).
  • Prostaglandins, important for the proper functioning of the platelets (thrombocytes), dilate the bronchial arteries and veins, increase the movement of the intestines, induce the contraction of the uterus, normalize the blood pressure and regulate the metabolism.
  • Urea, effective against bacteria and tuberculosis, epidermal growth factor, reconstruction and reproduction of wounded cells and organisms.
  • Endorphins inhibit the nerve impulses that transmit the pain for which it is analgesic and sedative, improve the psychic mood and give a sense of well-being and full of energy. Contains calcium, sodium, copper, fluoride, iodine, magnesium, zinc, amino acids and the vitamins A, B, C, E, and riboflavin.
  • Other hormones and substances that help in the treatment of ulcers, vascular inflammations, normalization of blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis and all the diseases including AIDS and the cancer.
  • In 1971, at the University of Kyoto in Japan it was found in the urine important antibodies to fight infections and malignant tumors.

 in the urine important antibodies to fight infections and malignant tumors.

.: Suggestions.


  • It is preferable the first urine from the morning because it contains larger amounts of interferon and SPU. This hormone is produced during the sleep time and is an antibiotic and induces the secretion of other hormones.

  • It is necessary to consider the diet menu, for instance, the excess of meat gives to the urine a bad taste. At the beginning the person does not get used of it but little by little the person is accustomed to drink it.suggestions on urine therapy
  • To keep oneself healthy, it is ideal to drink daily half a liter of the first urine. This leads to increase the immune system.

  • Chronic diseases: drink one liter daily. Cancer, AIDS, Lupus: drink two or more liters daily. For the children 3 little glasses daily. The Doctor Inoue treated and cured a 3 years old child who suffered a hopeless leukemia. This boy was very weak, with renal failure and had been treated with chemotherapy during two months. The dose for the boy was 4 glasses daily (1 liter) and a vegetarian diet. According to Doctor Inoue, after 40 days of treatment, the boy was totally recovered and the symptoms of leukemia were completely gone.
  • Renal infections, Cystitis, Vaginitis cure quickly by drinking your own urine.

Additional suggestions

  1. 1) Do not leave the urine longer than 15 minutes because it contaminates with the environment.
  2. 2) it is better to use a crystal glass.
  3. 3) If you are taking medicines do not suspend them drastically but instead gradually.


Detoxifying symptoms.

In every healing process there is a possibility of healing reactions in which the body expels the poisonous substances accumulated that have generated the disease. 

These reactions do not mean that the health is worsening, but instead they are the necessary detoxifying process previous to the cure of the disease. You may experience symptoms such as diarrhea for several days, headache, nausea, tiredness secretion either through the vagina, ears or nose, tachycardia, skin rashes, perspiration, etc. The detoxifying symptoms may start at the beginning or during the treatment. Through the action of the urine, the organism expels everything that does not belong to it such us: cysts, tumors, myoma, stones, etc.

I know the case of a great friend that used urine therapy. He was feeling a flat mass within his back, but because it did not bother to him, he was not paying any attention. After sometime of treatment he began to expel a purulent matter through his ears. 15 days later he realized that the mass in his back was disappeared.

How to proceed in case of detoxifying symptoms that bother the patient?

  1. 1. In case of pain apply alternatively lukewarm and cold cloths in the area of pain. The cloths can be soak with the same urine.

  2. 2. In case of fever, apply moist or cold mud in the abdomen.
  3. 3. In case of itching, fungi, allergies, etc.; apply compresses with the same urine. When the reactions occur in the eyes, nose, ears apply the urine with a dropper.
  4. 4. In case of tonsils inflammation proceed to gargle with the urine. 

  5. 5. If there is vaginal secretion, proceed to wash the vagina with the urine. 

  6. 6. In case of tumors, etc., apply moist or cold mud with the urine.
7. Depending on what organ is reacting it is possible to drink the water from the plants related to the organ. For instance, eucalyptus for the lungs; field horsetail ( Equisetum arvense ), lemon balm (Melissa officinalis ) and corn silk for the kidneys; gargles of raw juice of gliricidia or boiled gliricidia with salt, gargles of lemon with honey for the throat; chamomile water for the diarrhea. 


.: Dietary habits and Fast.

The diet and fast are important for the treatment with urine therapy. The ideal diet is vegetarian food, avoiding any kind of junk food, sodas, chemical spices, etc.

This diet is special for chronic diseases, tuberculosis, cancer, lupus and AIDS. Certainly, by changing the diet the taste of the urine change. If you will, you could eat meat or fish once every 7 or 15 days.

After approximately the third week of the beginning of the treatment, a person can fast once a month during 2 to 4 days and later it may be possible to fast from 7 to 14 days. In this period drink exclusively urine and water. The urine is a meal because it contains all the vitamins and hormones. If the first day you are hungry, drink water, the next day of fast you are not going to be hungry. We must remember that in earthquakes and other natural disasters, the victims have been rescued and saved they lives by drinking their own urine. Certainly, the fast speeds up the cure of all diseases. After the fast is over, eat fruit and vegetables during 2 or 3 days.


.: Cause of diseases.

As we explained at the beginning of this site, one of the main causes of diseases is the unconscious way of living with vices that destroy our organism.

Another cause of diseases are the medicines because their synthetic compounds generate any class of kidney and hepatic contraindications, histamine and prostaglandins block, etc., etc.

The farmer when sawing chooses the best seed and prepares the ground very good. The human being has sexual relationships after drinking alcohol, consumed drugs, etc., and this have an effect on the quality of the newborn. But the main cause of the diseases has a psychological origin.

The wrath produces increase of the blood pressure, unbalance the nervous system, increase the sugar in the blood, etc. The gluttony degenerate the metabolism and produces any class of digestive problems. 
The sloth is the mother of all the vices. The covet makes us slave of the money. For all these defects we suffer, we make suffer to others and commit painful mistakes in our life. The jealousy divides the families; the lust generates adultery, rapes, deceits to the woman, abortion, diseases, etc., the horrible covet converts the human being in slaves of the money and instead of serving to other people humiliate and exploit them generating hunger and violence. The disgusting pride makes us feel great either because we have a title, a position, wealth, when in reality we are just logs that navigate in the stormy waters of the ocean of life. The irascible is impatient, demanding, bother by everything. He hurts himself and everybody that is around because he does not know what is patience. The sloth is not interested in work.

All of these defects turn us in psychological magnets where each of us attracts what internally is. Thus, an aggressive person attracts violence, the lustful people attracts scenes, drama and even tragedies of lasciviousness. The drunkard will attract drunkard and will be always find in bars. This psychological mechanical and unconscious attraction brings us only pain. For all of these reasons, the humanity wants to change, but it does not know how, does not know the procedure and is at a deadlocked. What it happened to us before, the same occurs today and will happen tomorrow. We repeat always the same mistakes, and do not learn the lessons of life. Everything repeats in our lives, we say the same things; we do the same things we complain about the same things.

When somebody changes internally and that change is radical, the external things, which are the circumstances of life, also change. If the humanity were known the techniques and procedures to know “themselves”, discover the “I”s or defects and even the vices and eliminate them; the peace, joy and love will reign in all the human beings. But, what is the key? This is the purpose of this message by which we invite you to practice and corroborate what we are teaching and thereafter help us to spread these techniques that lead to elimination of any defect and vice.

Our sub consciousness is called in Gnosis the psychological city because in it lives many persons or defects that are who think, feels and acts for us. As a matter of fact, we are like puppets or marionettes maneuver by invisible strings. Thus, a defect makes us laugh, another one makes us cry, another makes us love, another makes us fight, another make us feel great, another makes us unhappy, another makes us steal, another one makes us kill, etc.

Everything we are going to do first of all we think about, for instance, if I am going to deceive a woman I think what I am going to tell her, etc. The key to know the defect is the following: You ask “yourself” from moment to moment: WHAT AM I THINKING? After this question watch what are you feeling and thinking. If you are thinking something, a memory, an uncertain future, an argument, etc.; you must remember that behind any thought there is the manifestation of a defect that sleeps our consciousness. In that moment you must beg for the elimination of the defect saying: “VIRGIN MOTHER OF CHRIST KILL THIS DEFECT AND THIS THOUGHT”.

For instance, if you have wrath against a person, if you think he is brute, a thief, etc. you must eliminate one by one each of these negative thoughts that you had against this person.


Thus, once you have eliminated these thoughts, you will avoid the stress, an argument, an enmity, a quarrel, etc. If the defect is of lust, you must eliminate each of its parts, break it down into its component elements.


For instance, if you like the voice of a woman, her limbs, lips, dress, etc. you must beg for the elimination of each of the parts of this defect of lust. If you feel yourself great, wise, powerful, etc. this is a defect of pride and you must eliminate in all of its parts. You must know that every time you eliminate a defect you release a part of your conscience and internally your Inner Master gives you the wisdom of the divine.


To accomplish that you should try to never forget of “yourself”, ask at every moment WHAT AM I THINKING? And watch what are you thinking and feeling in that moment. This is a marvelous technique and gives wonderful results. You will begin to change and be more pleasant to other people. You will get sick less frequent and live longer.

In addition, you must ask yourself: WHAT AM I DOING? And be aware of what you are doing, if you are eating, eat; if you are dressing, dress; if you are strolling around the street, stroll, stroll but do not think in another else, do only what you are doing. This act without distractions and fantasies, living in the moment awake within us the powerful sense of the INTUITION. This intuitive action will lead us to awaken our conscience. If we are eating and thinking about business, certainly we are dreaming. If we are driving and thinking about our girlfriend, obviously we are not awaken, we are dreaming. We must awaken our conscience and eliminate our defects to understand what Saint Paul tells us: ‘ WHEREFORE HE SAITH, AWAKE THOU THAT SLEEPEST, AND ARISE FROM THE DEAD, AND CHRIST SHALL GIVE THEE LIGHT.” Ephesians 5,14.

The last question that you must ask yourself is: WHERE AM I? WHAT ARE STRANGE IN THIS PLACE? Once you made this question you must look closely at the place where you are, at the persons (how are they dressed, how are their physical features?), at the objects, etc. If you see something strange, you must ask yourself if you are in the third or the fifth dimension or astral plane, stretch a finger or jump with the intention of float.


This technique is very useful because it repeats when you are sleeping and you meet with your soul or astral body in the fifth dimension where there is not gravity force but levitation, you jump and stay floating becoming aware that you are in the fifth dimension. The same happen when you stretch your finger because the astral body is elastic and stretches; thus you awaken your conscience in the astral plane. When you go to bed or at any moment that you want, practice a relaxation technique by focus on each part of your body and imagine that you are completely relax. For instance, tell yourself with your mind: muscles of my right limb, relax, relax; thus with each of the parts of your body. Later practice the meditation technique to eliminate the defect in the way taught by the Master Samael Aun Weor.

If you had an argument during the day you must visualize all what had happened as if you were watching your own movie; look at your gestures, expression, what you said, what you did, etc. This will allow you to know the defects that were involved in this drama and you ask to your Virgin the elimination of each of these defects. In this way, you check and visualize the movie of your daily life. When you eliminate these defects you increase the percentage of awaken conscience. This exercise is a kind of retrospection of what you have done from the moment you went to bed until the moment you get up. If you perform these exercises constantly, your life will change substantially but you must have a great will. To complement with these exercises we invite you to inscribe in our Free course of psychology

Chronic constipation...

I had three bowel movements in a week which lead me to feel symptoms such as swelling of the stomach, pain of the colon, flatulence that desperate me; I started to lose sleep over my feelings and thought that I will have colon cancer. Two months ago my brother started to attend the conferences at the Anael Center and told me about urine-therapy. I decided to take it and after 5 days I began to feel the healing effects because I had diarrhea and the feces were very stinking. I thought that the treatment was hurting me but my brother insisted that were symptoms of healing.


I am Gnostic student, disciple in the Anael Center and my testimony is to people that want to share with me a nice story of my life. I was born in a home with many values and principles that led me to not fall in destructive vices such us masturbation and alcohol. When I was very young I became a prosperous businessman but I had lot of stress, and easily had anger, jealousy, fears, lust. One day something marvelous happened. A great friend told me about Gnosis, a knowledge that could change the course of my life. Thus, I began to practice Gnosis.

Asthma and allergic rhinitis...

I am 46 years old. I began to suffer asthma, rhinitis allergic and allergies to some foods. During my infancy and my teens these frequent asthma attacks unable me to attend classes and perform any kind of physical activity because this disease is highly incapacitating. In that period of time, I was in two occasions under immunotherapy treatments, which are a series of shots of synthetic immunoglobulin (clobiatamin).

Tumor in the lungs...

I have a friend 15 years ago and we met with each other every time we were going to the Social Security to draw our pension. He was 57 and had lot of difficult to breathe and walk because he had a tumor in his lung. He told me that he was thinking on going to Cuba for a treatment. I did not see him for a while and when I saw him again I was astonished because he was walking and breathing fine; I asked him: Did you always go to Cuba? He told me no. I was more surprised and asked him how did you manage to cure yourself?

This is a noble God given urine-therapy medicine...

I have read about the wonderful super natural perfect medicine. I wish to let many other people to visit the site and read and get this noble God given urine-therapy medicine. Also I wish to be signed up for the free course on this subject. Thank you. By learning this technique the lives of many desperate patients with incurable diseases could be saved.

Unfortunate One who dies without knowing the reason its existence 

V.M Samael Aun Weor

Asthma and allergic rhinitis...

I am 46 years old. I began to suffer asthma, rhinitis allergic and allergies to some foods. During my infancy and my teens these frequent asthma attacks unable me to attend classes and perform any kind of physical activity because this disease is highly incapacitating. In that period of time, I was in two occasions under immunotherapy treatments, which are a series of shots of synthetic immunoglobulin (clobiatamin).

This is a noble God given urine-therapy medicine...

I have read about the wonderful super natural perfect medicine. I wish to let many other people to visit the site and read and get this noble God given urine-therapy medicine. Also I wish to be signed up for the free course on this subject. Thank you. By learning this technique the lives of many desperate patients with incurable diseases could be saved.

Hepatitis B and genitalherpes.

Dear Sirs! First, my apologies for my disappearance for almost 3 years when Ifirst wrote you and you recommended me the urine therapy. I was diagnosed withhepatitis B. Since I met urine therapy I began to practice, 2 years ago. A yearlater I did an analysis of serological markers and it was negative. After a year,I did the same test again and the result was the same. My doctor does notbelieve in urine therapy, he says nobody cam cure hepatitis B, it has no cure.I also had genital herpes and 2 years ago eruptions disappeared.But the results are there: negative.

I knew a person that was severely depressed and drink her urine.

When I found out I asked her about it. She answered it supposed to be good for her and would heal her of her sickness. By drinking her urine, she was cured of the mentally illness that she was suffering.

Cancer in the stomach and rheumatism...

When my father was young and I was 12 years old, he worked at a ranch of a very wealth man that own thousands hectares and heads of cattle. The man got sick and the physicians diagnosed him cancer in the stomach. He was under treatments, went to United States but the cancer was becoming stronger. He was practically hopeless. He was taken to the mamas arhuacos, wise indigenous physicians from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. The treatment that they gave him was drink urine. A couple of months later he was completely healed and could eat what he liked.

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