The key to be wise is always based on the knowledge of one's self


Learning how to manage that marvelous energy of sex means become a master of creation


The law of karma is the law that links in a wise and intelligent manner the effect with its cause. Everything good or bad that we have done in any of our lives will bring good or bad consequences for this or coming existences.


The humanity is living very difficult moments. 

The man has forgotten of “himself” and commits mistakes, which consequences are the pain and diseases.


St. Paul tells us in the Bible: "You possess fleshly body and spiritual body." We have Practices for yourself to see your soul leave the body ...

Mysteries of Sex and The Philosopher's Stone
The philosopher

Anael center and the Gnosis are revealing the secret of the philosopher’s Stone. This secret consists on a wise and conscious practice of sex.

Medical science suggests enjoying sexual activity in order to get the meseta stage, what happens in this stage? Man and woman joined in the sexual intercourse get complete sexual satisfaction; when the man does not contain himself, losing his sexual energy in seconds. In this moment man feels an instinctive rejection against woman because of his lost of energy. Sexual union with orgasm ends with disillusion and weakness.

There is a fast pleasure, epileptic, that goes to the conscience, leaving no records, and million of sperms have been lost, instead of being transformed. 

Man a woman joined sexually with a complete power of the breathing, thoughts and movement, arriving to the complete control of themselves and also to the complete satisfaction, when the couple arrives to that point, hold the sexual act 5,10,15,30 or 1 hour, and with a practice of Sex-yoga the couple will be transforming the sexual energy inside their body, having very different results.



When the sexual energy is transformed, the male organ lose his erection, however the energy is not lost, in this moment the couple is magnetized, vigorous and the man love the woman.

The time depends on the amount of man sexual energy. The point is not to contain the sperms because testicles and prostate will become inflame, it is a transmutation. To get this knowledge, we need to study The Gnosis, at the Anael center. Sign up in our free courses.

As soon as the sexual act takes long and delicious caress of adorable rapture increase, the captivating spiritual voluptuousness can be felt. We do not know how to explain that supreme pleasure. The snake fire is agitated, the heart fire is excited, sparkling full of majesty on the forehead of the being sexually joined. Terrible rays of the Inner father.

The kiss is the deep mystic consecration of two souls that love each other in the sexual act, is the key to become a GOD. We can deny that, what really put us under discussion of existence was the sexual strength. Learning how to manage that marvelous energy of sex means become a master of creation. When the sacred sperm is transformed in energy, there are extraordinary psychosomatic changes.

Everybody knows how the hormone vessels of our gonads work, how the hormones go from vessels to vessels, how they finally arrive to the prostate. We very well know how important the prostate is, where the biggest transformation of semen is performed. Hormones finally go to the blood stream. The word hormone comes from the Greek root, which means “YEARNING TO BE – STRENGTH TO BE” sexual hormones, for instance, make wonders when they go into the blood stream. 

When hormones arrive to any gland (endocrine, thyroid, parathyroid, suprarenal, etc) is able to stimulate the gland, producing more hormones that make extraordinary healthy the blood stream. Then diseases and aches disappear. Unfortunately, nowadays, the sperm prepare by the gonads which goes to the prostate is wasted. The sperm is not even allowed to decompose because it was just thrown away. Many times the semen can not reach the prostate from the testicles because it was removed before.


Carl Jung, a disciple of Freud, practiced KRIYA YOGA.

With the practice of KRIYA YOGA all hormone internal secretions are intensified thus allowing to awaken and develop all the physical and spiritual possibilities that are dormant in humans. The KRIYA YOGA or sexual transmutation method delivered by Gnosis, has been well documented by Sigmund Freud and many other wise men. Carl Jung, a disciple of Freud, practiced KRIYA YOGA.

In any case, it is of the utmost importance to take advantage of the full sexual potential aiming at “seminizing” the brain and developing the pineal, pituitary, and all endocrine glands by transmutation of the seminal fluid. So we would achieve a wonderful organic and psychic transformation.

The psychosomatic functioning is closely related to sexuality. In fact, a supra-sexuality involves something supra-sexual within the psychosomatic. The great masters and sages that have existed in the world such as Hermes Trimegistro, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, Jesus Christ are all supra-sexual beings and the supra-sexual man is the same SUPER-MAN that Nietzsche spoke of. KRIYA YOGA allows us to become truly God-man. Atrophied brain areas can be regenerated with Kriya Yoga, and therefore, a better world can be created.


KRIYA YOGA can be repeated daily without fatigue never occurring, because on the contrary, it is the magic key to maintaining a rejuvenated and healthy body every day and prolonging life because it is a source of physical well being due to the constant body magnetization that brings forth. Strength and success is spread around couples who perform KRIYA YOGA, in legitimately constituted homes, to all who get into commercial or social contact with them.

With KRIYA YOGA brain is “seminized” and human beings develop capacities above those known for common people. Take the case of the great German scientist Albert Einstein. This wise man learned and practiced KRIYA YOGA developing a knowledge and skills that scientists are not capable of understanding. His wonderful formula of equivalence between energy and matter is the scientifical basis for phenomens such as matter anti-gravitation and transition to the 4th dimension. With this extraordinary formula, Einstein demonstrates that matter is just condensed energy and that the spirit or energy is the Creator and source of all creation.

Einstein was a great scientist, a great mystic and a great initiate that practiced KRIYA YOGA and developed enormous brain capabilities that amazed humanity. The Supra Sexual men have always astonished humanity. When the disciple transforms his energies by means of a wise and conscious sexuality, his sexual glands produce secretions that are an excellent tonic for the nervous and muscle systems, which promote physical force, give energy to character and deep intelligence.Courage, daring and a initiative spirit can not survive if they are not driven by the energy value of semen. Transmuted semen fuels the imagination, tones the nervous system, stimulates mental functions and gives man the triumph over the enemies atoms in the struggle for material and spiritual life. Without it, a man becomes fearful, timid, indecisive and gives up at any contingency.

Strength, couragessness and steadfastness are achieved with the practice of Kriya Yoga. Many scientific groups such as the Karezza society in Italy, led by Dr. Alice Stolkman, and the Oneida society have practiced, tested and accepted this method of sexual transmutation.

The Oneida Society in the U.S. led by Dr. Jhon Humprey Noyes was composed by numerous couples of men and women including several scientists, who were subjected to scientific studies by gynecologists and the results were released in: "A gynecologic study of the Oneida Community" published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Ginecology", the highest authority of the U.S. medical science.


Syracuse gynecologist Dr. Van der Warker, who examined the women of the Oneida community, said: "As a gynecologist I can assure you that the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is the "Male Continence”, as it was called the method of Noyes, which involved the inhibition of seminal ejaculation during a long and quiet intercourse. The exact figures are a conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of this particular method".

In his book, "Medical history of contraception," Dr. Norman E. Himes says: "The Oneida community is the most trascendental eugenic experiment that we have witnessed in all the centuries”. 

The Kriya Yoga method of sexual transmutation is practiced by the Tibetan Lamas and their disciples.

In his book: "The current Japan", Isurami the great writer, refers to the practice of Zen groups of Japan, to inhibit ejaculation of semen and transmute sexual energy as a contraceptive system.

Hippocrates, one of the fathers of medicine, said that there is a strong connection between the seminal fluid and the brain. Epicuro taught that seminal fluid must be transmuted in order to achieve the highest perfection on earth. Galeno wrote: "With seminal emissions life force is lost as well, not surprising therefore that frequent sexual intercourse enervates, because it deprives the body of the vital main substances".

With this system, KRIYA YOGA, women can be freed from the slavery, suffering and diseases that produce contraceptives. The Kriya Yoga method or sexual transmutation that is taught by the Gnostic Science and the ANAEL CENTER, has also been practiced by many wise that in the world have been, such as the Count of Saint Germain, the Count Cagliostro, the German scientist and scientific and professor at the University of Berlin, Dr. Arnold Krum Heller, nuclear physics Raymundo Lulio and many other scientists.

Scientists ignore the mystery of the atom's nucleus, every atom is a miniature universe, every atom is a trio of matter, energy and consciousness. Science unknows the alchemy of transforming the atom and what it has done is to split and disintegrate the atom giving rise to the daunting process of atomic and hydrogen bombs. The disintegration of the atom has been the biggest scientific folly that has brought not only physical damage to our troubled world, but also psychological monstrosities, etc.

Much research has been made on the atom and its wonderful surprises. The center of the nucleus of an atom is positively charged and around this mysterious core, electrons gravitate in the same manner as the planets gravitate around the Sun. The core of each atom has a considerable electric charge and atomic fission has been used to disintegrate atoms and create atomic and hydrogen bombs. The intellectual animal mistakenly called “man”, has managed to split the atom to release energy, but unknows the mechanism for transforming the atom in energy; if we knew it, we could realize the Revolution and the Awakening of Conscience.

GNOSIS teaches alchemy as a process of nuclear fusion that allows us to break the structure of the atom-matter of spermatozoa and release a lot of energy, in a process that is performed by octaves.


Kriya Yoga is the same miracle that Christ did at the wedding at Cana when he turned water into wine, so the living water (semen) is transmuted into the alchemist´s wine of light. The sex itself is the same Christ, it is the live rock from which water springs as mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, it is the same water that Christ invites the Samaritan woman to drink so she never again thirsts and that water will become a spring welling up to eternal life. Christ tells us in the Holy Scripture: "Whoever believes in me, streams of living water will flow from within him." Living water is that which gives life, is the very transmuted sexual energy and here Christ refers to the transmutation of Kriya Yoga.

Actually every sperm cell has its own consciousness in its atomic constitution and if the human sperm or seed is the more selective seed of nature, hence it keeps the best of the atomic consciousness. It is therefore urgent for the alchemists of the Great Work, to be aware of the enormous responsibility we have with our own seeds and the urgent need to know the divine atomic laws directing the alchemical processes. It is precisely in the sacred sperm, where the alchemist researcher finds the Mercury of the wise and carves the Philosophical Stone (and God placed man in Eden-Sex, to keep and carve it). 

Kriya Yoga or wise and concious sex, must be practiced in homes legitimately constituted.


First we need to achieve a self knowledge and begin to change psychologically, otherwise we would end up desecrating these sacred teachings. This is why this knowledge is not publicly given to people, but only in the end of the times.

If a person has not changed his wrong ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that is to say, his unconscious mechanical behaviour, either "good" or "bad," he can not understand Kriya Yoga or wise and concious sex, as a mystery or secret sex, and then he would fool and destroy something that is sacred. 

This sacred work is done by our Conscience and therefore a psychological change and a domain from the Conscience is neccesary and that is the purpose of the course offered by the Anael Gnostic Center.


For this reason, this secret had never been delivered openly until now. 

Sex serves two functions: one passionate and unconscious and the other, wise and concious, which is practiced by married Gnostics disciples, with full control and management of the sexual energy and for this reason, we are not interested in the unconscious function practiced by humanity, and which has no meaning when judged from a transcendental realism view point. 

Kriya Yoga is not just a contraceptive method, it is something else and is more a part of the spiritual development necessary to create the Super-man in ourselves. 

Kriya Yoga is a conscious process that can never be understood through the processes of reasoning and represents the most powerful rejuvenation system. 

Should you be interested in knowing yourself and changing psychologically, we kindly invite you to join our free web course and study the book “The Perfect Matrimony” by Samael Aun Weor.


Kriya Yoga or Sexual Transmutation was performed in the ancient continent of Lemuria, before the fall of man because of the original sin.

The original sin is the loss of sexual energy or spilling of semen committed for the first time in that lost paradise. Let us now see some passages of The Holy Bible related to Kriya- Yoga:




2 Timohty 1,14: “KEEP THE GOOD THING COMMITTED TO THY TRUST BY THE HOLY GHOST, WHO DWELLETH IN US”. Keeping the good thing means transmutation of sexual energy.

Genesis 2,15: “AND THE LORD GOD TOOK MAN, AND PUT HIM INTO THE PARADISE FOR PLEASURE, TO DRESS IT, AND KEEP IT”. The Paradise or Eden is the self-same sex and keeping it concerns to carving the Philosophical Stone.



Deutoronomy 23,1: “AN EUNUCH, WHOSE TESTICLES ARE BROKEN OR CUT AWAY, OR YARD CUT OFF, SHALL NOT ENTER INTO THE CHURCH OF THE LORD”. This versicle highlights the importance the Lord gives to sex for perfection of human beings. Bruised testicles means sexual impotence and amputated genitals refers to having vasectomy for men or having the fallopian tubes cut in the case of women.

Hello! Your page has impressed me and I have something to tell you:

When I was 19 years old I started taking contraceptive pills recommended by a gynecologist. According to him, they would not generate any consequences. At the age of 25, due to the fact that I was getting dark spots on my face (I thought it might be because of the pills) I started using injections and it was worse, as my varicose veins swelled up. After two years using injections I got pregnant twice.The first time, I had my babies (twins pregnancy), but doctors said that if I got pregnant again I could have triplets.

I have had such terrible side effects and regrets...

I asked my gynecologist for birth control but he told me not to take the pill. He also discouraged me to wear the loop. My husband was grumbling to wear the condom. He didn't realize that with two children under the age of 2 one was up through out the night that I couldn't take any risk. However at 30 he convinced me to sterilize and I kept telling him that my friend advised not to. However the gynecologist also said there were no side effects and pushed me to do it. Of course with a 3 and 4 year old and no help I wasn't thinking of myself.

I am a professional who was married to a doctor who made the decision to get my fallopian tubes tied….

Hello! I read in your website about contraceptives and tubal ligation. I am impressed and I finally found the answer to my “ Calvary ”. I am a professional and I was married to a doctor who is currently the owner of a polyclinic. When I got pregnant for the first time, before getting married, he made me have an abortion. After we got married he made the decision of getting my fallopian tubes tied. I remember a Gnostic lecturer who advised me no to have that procedure and warned me about the consequences. He said the procedure could even generate bad aftereffects to our relationship.

During a Cesarean section I got my tubes tied without my authorization or my husband's….

I am 30 years old. Six years ago, being pregnant and attended in a charity hospital, I was programmed for a Cesarean section and during the procedure I got my tubes tied without my authorization or my husband's. The worst part is that now I am completely ardorless and my husband wants to divorce because he thinks that I don't want to have sex with him because I have another lover in my life, but this is not truth. To be honest, since I got my tubes tied, I stopped feeling interested in having sex. It is not my fault. It is the fault of what was done to me!

Why being my husband a doctor all of this happened to me?

I am 30 years old; I suffer from bleedings that last 10 to 15 days. My husband being a doctor has not been able to help me. I visited an alternative-medicine doctor who said the cause of my haemorrhages was the intrauterine device that my husband had placed on my uterus. Before doing this, my husband consulted with a gynaecologist who told him it would not harm me. My question: Why being my husband a doctor all of this happened to me?

Unfortunate One who dies without knowing the reason its existence 

V.M Samael Aun Weor

Because of the pills I am now like a piece of wood, as I am completely ardorless …

I have been using contraceptives for ten years and it has been a disaster for me: My legs hurt, I have circulation and nervous system problems, permanent headache and symptoms similar to those of pregnancy. With regards to my family life and sexual relations, it is painful to say so, but I wish night time would never come; I would like it always were daytime. It is a big sacrifice when my husband “looks for” me as a wife. I can't stand it, I feel nauseous; I am completely ardorless. I feel I am like a piece of wood. It is total coldness. I beg for help!

Why has science made these inventions that harmed my daughter so much?

I am a dietician. I work in a clinic and my husband is an engineer. After the childbearing of my second daughter, and to avoid a new pregnancy, I started using contraceptives. This happened despite the fact that I was breast-feeding my little baby.I remember a gentleman who knows about your teachings and who is our neighbour. He warned me about the risk that I was taking. According to him, contraceptives do not permit ovulation and as natural estrogen is not produced; neither I nor my little daughter would assimilate the calcium.

During a Cesarean section I got my tubes tied without my authorization or my husband's….

I am 30 years old. Six years ago, being pregnant and attended in a charity hospital, I was programmed for a Cesarean section and during the procedure I got my tubes tied without my authorization or my husband's. The worst part is that now I am completely ardorless and my husband wants to divorce because he thinks that I don't want to have sex with him because I have another lover in my life, but this is not truth. To be honest, since I got my tubes tied, I stopped feeling interested in having sex. It is not my fault. It is the fault of what was done to me!

I have been using IUD for the last four months.

My periods have been so heavy, painful, and last for eleven days. My question is - which method can I use which does not have side effects. I am conteplating removing this thing but I do not know which else I can use considering that I do not wish to use hormonal contraceptives. Kindly assist me.

...I would like for you to help me...

I have been using the contraceptive (depo - provera) for a period of almost 4 years. And during that time, I have not been able to feel pleasure with my mate. I would like for you to help me solve this problem.

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