The key to be wise is always based on the knowledge of one's self


Learning how to manage that marvelous energy of sex means become a master of creation


The law of karma is the law that links in a wise and intelligent manner the effect with its cause. Everything good or bad that we have done in any of our lives will bring good or bad consequences for this or coming existences.


The humanity is living very difficult moments. 

The man has forgotten of “himself” and commits mistakes, which consequences are the pain and diseases.


St. Paul tells us in the Bible: "You possess fleshly body and spiritual body." We have Practices for yourself to see your soul leave the body ...

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Consequences of Contraception Methods
Consequences of Contraceptives

Desequilibrios Hormonales

Famous gynecologists worldwide have had enough courage to denounce the terrible side effects of contraceptives. Doctor F.J. Mac Cann, eminent physician who works as a gynecologist at 2 of the biggest hospitals in London and author of books such as "The dangerous effects of contraception", "Contraception: a common cause of illness", "Contraceptives practice effects on the female sexual genitals" stated: "All contraceptives methods are harmful for women".


Also, The World Doctors Federation which headquarters is at Belgium, directed by Doctor K.F. GUNNING and formed by 300 thousand doctors worldwide, among them Doctor JEROME LEJEUNE who is genetics professor at Paris University, denounces the effects of contraceptives through many books, university conferences, etc., etc.

One member of this Organization wrote the book "Birthrate Control. Why are women lied?" which is very popular worldwide.


.: Contraceptives pills, implants and injections.


Daños de los Anticonceptivos

Contraceptives are compounds made of synthetics hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. When they are taken, the synthetic hormones arrive at the pituitary gland through the blood stream. These synthetic hormones make the pituitary gland believe woman is pregnant, when in fact she is not.

The purpose of these contraceptives is generating a false pregnancy status. Because of this false order to the pituitary gland, the endocrine glands work as if woman were pregnant, and this generates unbalanced state of other glands, such as thyroid, pancreas, pineal, suprarenal and sexual.

This false pregnancy makes ovaries not to work, that is, woman does not ovulate and because of this ovaries block, it is generated a progressive lost of sexual appetite which many times ends in rejection to husbands. 

At the beginning, pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, breast pain, headache, etc. are felt due to the false pregnancy, but then she is used to this.

Pérdida progresiva del apetito sexual

These high levels of synthetic estrogen generates irregular cellular growth and this produces breast and uterus cancer. 

As ovulation is refrained, the body of the woman doesn't produce its natural estrogen, and a progressive loss of the sexual drive starts. That's why within women who try contraceptives, many problems within the matrimony occur as well as separation in many cases.


As natural estrogen is not produced, she is not able to assimilate calcium which is indeed a main cause of Osteoporosis. Besides, structural and enzymatic changes take place on the inner covering of the uterus (endometrial) and the Fallopian tubes.

Jérome Lejeune, The Father of Modern Genetics, testified that, estrogen promotes the development of the brain, which completes its development at the age of 18. Thus, the contraceptives affect the development of the brain in ways that are still unknown.

In the female fetus, that is within women's womb, there is about one million of follicles in each ovary (no new follicles are generated after birth); after being born each ovary contains from 250 to 500 thousand follicles. At puberty, each ovary contains from 100 to 200 thousands and at the age of 40, there are about 8.000.

About 400 follicles ripen during the fertile life of woman and the rest of them degenerate anytime during development. As contraceptive injections, implants and pills atrophy ovaries, a greater quantity of follicles is degenerated and this reduces life term and sexual appetite. We have even known cases of young women who became sterile long life after having used injections.

Ovaries development is totally complete at the age 18. If contraceptives are used before this age, sterility, sexual frigidity and infantile womb can happen. Actually, many high school students are using these contraceptives, having sexual relations with their boyfriends, their parents do not know about it and sexual atrophy is happening.

To top it all, when a young woman is sick with cysts in her ovaries, doctor's prescription is used to being the use of contraceptives which, of course, generates the same consequences mentioned above.

The most serious situation occurs when a woman is breast-feeding and taking contraceptives at the same time. As natural estrogen is not being produced, the child doesn't assimilate calcium which degenerates his bone, cerebral and endocrine system.


To have a deeper understanding concerning the side effects of contraceptive pills through time and space, as well as the probability of genetic heritage, organic and endocrine unbalances, etc., we will use the following example: Someone has a virgin land to grow (a woman). This is a rich soil where seeds can grow easily. Now, let's suppose that the owner doesn't want to harvest, therefore he administers sterilizing substances to this land every day or every month.

Tierra esterilizada

These substances suppress the capability of giving life which changes the biological mechanisms of this nature. Let's suppose too, that this process is used for 5 years, which ends up in sterilization of the land. Later on, the farmer decides to harvest. The question is: Will that land be in favorable conditions? - Of course not, and the consequences are not only received by the land (body) but also by the harvest (offspring).

To understand fully the damage caused by synthetic estrogen and progesterone of contraceptives, we might try to understand the failure of the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), where scientists had already noticed that the therapy made on the basis of estrogen increased to a large extent the probability of uterus-cancer in a woman, and that's why progesterone was added. It was then when the failure was imminent.

In the Journal of the American Medical Association of May 2.003, the results of a study on this concern were published. The conclusion was completely opposite to what many doctors thought of hormone supplements and especially in women over the 60's. 

Revista de la Asociación Médica Americana


According to this study, women who tried hormones for about 4 years increased twice the probability to develop senile madness and other forms of mental problems, as compared with those who tried placebo.

Researchers also found that hormones do not protect from other less severe forms of mental deterioration, such as mild loss of memory.

Researchers have mentioned that a possible explanation to this, among others, is that hormones increase the chance of apoplexies, which cause brain damage that contributes to madness. And this damage caused by synthetic hormones is also produced in younger women but in a different scale


For all this, we can never recommend the use of any contraceptive pill or injection. They are drugs made on the basis of synthetic hormones that atrophy and make ill, healthy women. 

Why do some scientists insist with these contraceptives, which take away the biological freedom of women, turning them into hormonal robots? 

Remember: Only the withered and careless trees do not bear fruit.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of U.S. has established that Depo-Provera should carry a warning, because it may cause a significant loss of bone density. The agency Reuters reported on December 23, 2.004 that researchers at University of Iowa confirmed the problem of bone density loss due to Depo-Provera. 

According to studies, bone density at the hip fell by about 2.8% after starting the use of Depo-Provera and 5.8% after two years of using the drug. The loss of bone mass in the spine was similar.

Depo-Provera podruce efectos secundarios desastrosos.

.: Patches – Secondary mortal side effects.

Taken from:



The "contraceptive sex patch" has been found responsible for 17 deaths in women age 17 to 30 since its release in 2002, according to a recent exposé by the New York Post.

The Post used Freedom of Information laws to obtain records from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which also revealed 21 other "life-threatening" conditions such as blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks.

The contraceptive, marketed by ads with super models and Olympic athletes, is touted as a sexy alternative to the Pill. The Ortho Evra patch's manufacturer, Ortho-McNeil, claims the patch is easier to remember than the pill because it requires only a once-weekly replacement, rather than the Pill's daily dose.

Doctors who reviewed the report were staggered by the numbers. "This is a cause for concern," NYU Medical Center gynecologist and professor Dr. John Quagliarello said. He said it was the first time he'd heard there was such a high death rate from the patch.

The Ortho Evra patch delivers a dose of contraceptive hormones into a woman's blood stream via the skin. These hormones can trigger fatal heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots.

Ortho-McNeil claims the death rate from its patch is "consistent with the health risks" of taking the Pill. According to them, the Pill kills 0.3 to 1.9 women of every 100,000 15 to 29 year old users. Smoking significantly increases the risk of death.

Earlier and Related: An 18 year-old fashion student died in 4/04 as a result of her use of a hormonal birth-control patch device. Zakiya Kennedy approached a policeman in a New York Upper West side subway station. She complained of a severe pain in her head and leg, then she collapsed. She died an hour later in hospital.

New York medical examiners have determined that the cause was blood clots which can form when a patient is using the patch. The New York Post is calling the case, "bizarre" but both the FDA and the patch's manufacturer have warned that the contraceptive, like the pill, carries the risk of forming potentially deadly clots.

The website of Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, a manufacturer of a hormonal patch, Ortho Evra, warns of possible "serious side effects" but does not mention any danger of death.

.: RU-486.


Dr. Jerome Lejeune, father of modern genetics and famous after his explanations on the chromosome 23 trisonomy, has called this pill RU-486, the first human pesticide, because its single medical purpose is to eliminate a life which has already started. The RU-486 pill turns woman into the main character of the assassination of an innocent child.  RU-486 had been linked to some sudden deaths. 

Holly Patterson, víctima de la píldora abortiva ru-486.

One very well known case was the death in 2003 of Holly Patterson, an 18 years girl from California that clash of sepsis after taking a RU-486. The father of Holly, Monty Patterson, declared that the FDA should prohibit the abortion pill since the 3rd related death with its consumption. The information was released on November 16 through the Associated Press. The very same day that the New York Times informed that the FDA had asked that the warning label for the RU-486 be re-enforced.

Actually, the popular "emergency contraceptive pill" is not contraceptive but an abortion pill. We should remember that life starts exactly once the ovule is fertilized and not when this is implanted within the uterus. Thus, those women who use this method are in fact doing abortions and they have to answer for it behind God's law. The abortion-inducing emergency pill contains a high quantity of estrogen. It generates significant and progressive endocrine unbalances, specially on the sexual performance. 


The emergency pill can delay the menstruation even for 1 month. Some of its secondary effects, due to the big doses of hormones, are: headache, vomit, dizziness, breast sensibility, fatigue, difficulty in passing water and bleeding, similar to menstruation. 

Due to this veiled abortion, abdominal pain can be felt as well as pain on the breast. It could also happen difficulty in breathing, blurred vision and hard pain on the legs.

If this emergency pill is used regularly, deadly complications might occur; such as vein and arteries blockage, heart attacks, high blood pressure and uterus degeneration.



.: Intrauterine Device and Contraceptive Ring

The purpose of these devices is to cause a permanently swollen womb that wrecks women’s health. During menstruation, the pituitary gland tries to expel the intrauterine device, increasing the uterus contractions and due to the uterus inflammation (generated as a consequence of the device), the following consequences show up: hemorrhages, weakness, bad smelling flows, womb pain, vaginal itching, menstrual cramps, etc.



They increase by 700% the probability of ectopic pregnancy, and perforation of the
uterus (one out of 700 women). The intrauterine device is abortive. Many times this devices run out of place causing perforations, ulcer and in some cases death of the woman.

.: Tubal Ligation and Sterilization.

When this surgery is carried out, the ovule, which must normally passes through the Fallopian tube to be fertilized or expelled, cannot do it and that's why uterus contractions increase during menstruation. Colics, womb inflammation and enlargement with 10-to-15- day hemorrhages are generated. This type of hemorrhages make necessary the extraction of the womb. When a woman has been performed a tube ligation or sterilization, her life changes drastically. The main problem is SEXUAL FRIGIDITY.


.: Male Pills and Injections.

Article taken from international press. 
"A study of the World Health Organization, which has been performed for three years in nine countries, is reviewing the effectiveness of male hormone injections. Tests have been so successful, the researchers soon hope to develop a new treatment in the form of tablets. In a typical test, a group of 28 couples reported no pregnancy after 12 months of voluntary treatment. Sperm count in men who were given weekly testosterone injections, a male hormone related to sperm production, just reduced to zero. Unlike vasectomy, hormone treatment is reversible and produces no side effects. Definitely soon the roles will be reversed: males will be the ones to take the " little pill" ... It was about time.

We can't understand why some scientists state that using pills and injections composed of synthetic hormones which stop and decrease the production of spermatozoa have no consequences. It is very well understood that the male hormone testosterone gives a false order to the pituitary gland which block the natural testicle function (production of spermatozoa), it is logical that testicles get atrophied and then a rapid and progressive SEXUAL IMPOTENCE is generated.

Also, female hormones get strength within the male organism in order to keep balance, and this generates homosexualism.


.: Vasectomy.

This is an irreversible operation, in which man practically gives up his own gender. Vasectomy generates self-immune sicknesses and the main problem is SEXUAL IMPOTENCE.

.: Condoms.

Condom fails in pregnancy prevention (40%) and AIDS propagation, as the HIV is 400 times smaller than a spermatozoon. In scientific experiments informed through international press, it has been shown that the virus passes through the condom in good or bad condition.

We totally disCondomsagree about sexual relations through wrong ways and in general, all of those practices that slow down the free electro-magnetic interchange between a man an woman who love each other as when condom is used.
In this sense, condom is practically an insulator by means of which a man is only in physical contact with the condom he is wearing. It is as if you connect a plug wrapped in plastic, it is clear that energy does not pass through.


Studies conducted by Hernán Sánchez Machet, physicist and specialist in thin films of the National University of Colombia, tested 1,000 condoms of good quality that were purchased from chain stores, finding out that 400 of them had micropores of 20 microns size, which is a gate for spermatozoa tipically measuring only one micron and the worst is that the HIV virus is 450 times smaller than a spermatozoon.


The problem about condoms is very complex. It was thought that by carrying condoms to high schools, giving them to adolescents, to female sexual workers, promoting their use through media such as television and radio, we would end the AIDS pandemy. But these actions generate a very high increment of sexual relations within adolescents who started having sex each time younger. 
So, a sexual relation stops being a love act but a pleasure one. And our society stars losing its values.


Within Gnosis, we are trying to rescue those lost values, we ennoble women virginity and respect from men to women. We totally disagree about sexual relations through wrong ways and in general, all of those practices that slow down the free electro-magnetic interchange between a man an woman who love each other as when condom is used. Our campaign against AIDS propagation is based on a change of attitude towards sexuality in our society. It is a crime "to condom" sexual relations, the right thing is to transmutate the passion of sex into sex with love. In conclusion, condom is a great deception for consumers but a big deal for multinational companies exploiting human unconsciousness.


.: Male Sterility.

Based on exhaustive investigations, the World Health Organization revealed that in 1.920, man has 300 millions of sperms per 0.06 cubic inches of semen, nowadays man only produces 40 millions. According to this, man has been losing his virility and if things keep on going like this, he will reach total sterilization soon. Sexual abuse and masturbation affect the sexual potency and create unbalance of the endocrine system.


The use of many chemical-preserved foods based on sodium glutamate; eating chickens, fish and cows which are fed with synthetic hormones that stimulate female cells growth, animals fattening and disorganized cellular growth increases the possibility of cancer and effeminate males. All this has contributed to men's losing virility.Gnostic Science and Anael Center, are offering procedures which permit to increase the amount of sperms per cubic inch.

.: Hormonal replacement Therapy (HRT) Is a failure.

The scientific Female condomreport was published in the Official Journal of the American Medical Association. 
A study funded by the Government of the United States, shows that the combined therapy of estrogen and progestogerone taken over several years increases the risk of developing cardiovascular problems and potentially fatal invasive breast cancer, among others.


"It is the most abrupt change ever in medicine" said Dr. Joann Manson, adding " after being a therapy used as a rule, hormone therapy is now rejected." 
Scientists had noticed that the therapy based on estrogen dramatically increased the likelihood that a woman would develop cancer in the uterus and for this reason, progesterone was later added to this therapy and it was then when the great failure occurred. 
Doctors say the message is clear: do not take hormones to prevent aging diseases.


The Anael Gnostic Center had already denounced many years ago the harmful effects of synthetic estrogens and hormone therapy, and science has now confirmed our claim.


.: Osteoporosis and Contraceptives.

Osteoporosis is a sickness that occurs due a high demineralization in the bone marrow. In fact, this   demineralization of calcium and other minerals determine the lost of mechanical strengthens in the bones. It is just like a weak construction with low quality cement, this can cause even a minimum bone trauma; the osteoporotic bone starts to break down following by a terrible fracture.


OsteoporosisOsteoporosis leaves the bones such a moth-eaten structure.

Years ago, this illness was strange, but actually there are more than a 100 millions of women that are suffering with this disease, due of using of contraceptives such as anovulants (injection, pills or implants), ovaries may not produce enough estrogen, therefore woman can not assimilate the calcium, causing forehead the famous osteoporosis, that’s why it affects most women.

The estrogen produced in the ovaries not only helps in the reproductive process, it is also necessary to avoid the demineralization of the bone,  that`s  why it is so important to know the effects of using contraceptive, that develops not only a sexual dysfunction but also poor circulation, obesity and increased of blood pressure, etc. Another dangerous situation of using contraceptives is the risk that doctors unconsciously may medicate them during the nursing of the baby, causing homosexual tendencies, a weak production of calcium in the baby system whereas originating demineralization, all due of deficiency of production of natural estrogen in the ovary because of the contraceptives.

Healthy diets with content of calcium, such as milk assure the establishment of a gram of calcium, which guaranty an adequate density in the bones. For better result it is strongly recommended daily exercises in order to maintain the absorption of calcium in the system.

They are hazardous habit that develops osteoporosis such as: cigarette and alcohol. The abuse of these products certainly can disturb the production of natural estrogen, causing premature menopause and a limited oxygenated bone. Alcohol produces negative reaction avoiding the absorption of vitamin D that helps to fix the calcium in the bones. That is the reason why many people that smokes or drinks have a high percent of suffering fraying at the distal ends of the femur (hip fracture). A prolonged use of medicine of type corticoid helps in the destruction of the bone marrow and therefore the osteoporosis.

For more scientific information on the danger of contraception, please visit

I come from Africa and have watched women go down due to the use of contraceptives...

Some have gone to decisions like tubal ligaion without knowing the consequences and I feel bad when people suffer out of ignorance and what I do is to try and convince the ones near me about the dangers but this method is slow...

Why has science made these inventions that harmed my daughter so much?

I am a dietician. I work in a clinic and my husband is an engineer. After the childbearing of my second daughter, and to avoid a new pregnancy, I started using contraceptives. This happened despite the fact that I was breast-feeding my little baby.I remember a gentleman who knows about your teachings and who is our neighbour. He warned me about the risk that I was taking. According to him, contraceptives do not permit ovulation and as natural estrogen is not produced; neither I nor my little daughter would assimilate the calcium.

I have been using IUD for the last four months.

My periods have been so heavy, painful, and last for eleven days. My question is - which method can I use which does not have side effects. I am conteplating removing this thing but I do not know which else I can use considering that I do not wish to use hormonal contraceptives. Kindly assist me.

I have had such terrible side effects and regrets...

I asked my gynecologist for birth control but he told me not to take the pill. He also discouraged me to wear the loop. My husband was grumbling to wear the condom. He didn't realize that with two children under the age of 2 one was up through out the night that I couldn't take any risk. However at 30 he convinced me to sterilize and I kept telling him that my friend advised not to. However the gynecologist also said there were no side effects and pushed me to do it. Of course with a 3 and 4 year old and no help I wasn't thinking of myself.

Because of the pills I am now like a piece of wood, as I am completely ardorless …

I have been using contraceptives for ten years and it has been a disaster for me: My legs hurt, I have circulation and nervous system problems, permanent headache and symptoms similar to those of pregnancy. With regards to my family life and sexual relations, it is painful to say so, but I wish night time would never come; I would like it always were daytime. It is a big sacrifice when my husband “looks for” me as a wife. I can't stand it, I feel nauseous; I am completely ardorless. I feel I am like a piece of wood. It is total coldness. I beg for help!

Unfortunate One who dies without knowing the reason its existence 

V.M Samael Aun Weor

Why being my husband a doctor all of this happened to me?

I am 30 years old; I suffer from bleedings that last 10 to 15 days. My husband being a doctor has not been able to help me. I visited an alternative-medicine doctor who said the cause of my haemorrhages was the intrauterine device that my husband had placed on my uterus. Before doing this, my husband consulted with a gynaecologist who told him it would not harm me. My question: Why being my husband a doctor all of this happened to me?

I am a professional who was married to a doctor who made the decision to get my fallopian tubes tied….

Hello! I read in your website about contraceptives and tubal ligation. I am impressed and I finally found the answer to my “ Calvary ”. I am a professional and I was married to a doctor who is currently the owner of a polyclinic. When I got pregnant for the first time, before getting married, he made me have an abortion. After we got married he made the decision of getting my fallopian tubes tied. I remember a Gnostic lecturer who advised me no to have that procedure and warned me about the consequences. He said the procedure could even generate bad aftereffects to our relationship.

...I would like for you to help me...

I have been using the contraceptive (depo - provera) for a period of almost 4 years. And during that time, I have not been able to feel pleasure with my mate. I would like for you to help me solve this problem.

I have been using IUD for the last four months.

My periods have been so heavy, painful, and last for eleven days. My question is - which method can I use which does not have side effects. I am conteplating removing this thing but I do not know which else I can use considering that I do not wish to use hormonal contraceptives. Kindly assist me.

Why has science made these inventions that harmed my daughter so much?

I am a dietician. I work in a clinic and my husband is an engineer. After the childbearing of my second daughter, and to avoid a new pregnancy, I started using contraceptives. This happened despite the fact that I was breast-feeding my little baby.I remember a gentleman who knows about your teachings and who is our neighbour. He warned me about the risk that I was taking. According to him, contraceptives do not permit ovulation and as natural estrogen is not produced; neither I nor my little daughter would assimilate the calcium.

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