La clave para ser sabio siempre se basa en el conocimiento de uno mismo..


Aprender a manejar esa maravillosa energía del sexo significa convertirse en un maestro de la creación...


La ley del karma es la ley que vincula de manera sabia e inteligente el efecto con la causa. Todo lo bueno o malo que hemos hecho en cualquiera de nuestras vidas traerá consecuencias buenas o malas para ésta o próximas existencias...


La humanidad está viviendo momentos muy difíciles. El hombre se ha olvidado de "sí mismo" y se compromete en errores, cuyas consecuencias son el dolor y las enfermedades...


San Pablo nos dice en la Biblia: "Y hay cuerpos celestiales, y cuerpos terrenales..." Tenemos prácticas para que usted vea cuando su alma sale de su cuerpo





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The Harsh reality of living
Stations of the Cross

Gnosis’ purpose is creating a real master race.

La Gnosis trabaja para formar una raza superiorIt is urgent to understand the necessity to learn how to live wisely.

If we want a definitive change, it's necessary that change to be verified within ourselves. If internally we don't change, externally the life will continue with its difficulties. It is necessary to make us owners of "ourselves", if we are interested in controlling the difficult circumstances of our existence.

The life of each human being is a terrible ordeal and everyone reaps the fruit of its own harvest, of its own actions. This earth is as the good book says, "a true vale of tears", where nobody is happy, poor people suffer and so do rich ones.

Who are we?, where do we come from?, What is the purpose of living?, Why do we live?. Unfortunately the poor human being not only doesn't know, but moreover he ignores that he does not know.

The worst of all, is the so difficult and so strange situation we all are living. We ignore the secret of all our tragedies and nevertheless, we are convinced that we know everything.

¿Quién soy?, ¿De dónde vengo?, ¿Hacia donde voy?

Human beings think they can easily survive in life through school and college preparation or a great amount of money. Unfortunately, behind so much education, good manners, college degrees and money, we perfectly realize that any stomachache saddens us and we are unfortunate and miserable deep down.

Certainly, the way we are is what really cares. Some subjects will be drunkards, other abstemious; those honest and these naughty; There is everything in life. 

Diferentes Niveles del Ser

Nobody can deny that different social levels exist, There are farm, commerce, brothel and church people, etc. Likewise, there are also different levels of the Being. The defects make us suffer: jealousy divides homes; lust generates adulteries, violations and deceits against women, abortions, diseases, etc.; the horrible greed turns human beings into miserable slaves of the vile money and instead of serving, they humiliate and explode, generating starvation and violence. The disgusting pride makes us feel great, just because we have a university degree, a social standing, wealth, etc. when in fact, we are not more than miserable logs sailing in the stormy waters of the life ocean.

An irascible person is impatient, demanding, everything bothers him; he hurt himself. and he hurts his fellows since he doesn't know patience. A lazy man is not interested in working and he always justifies his laziness.

This way, everyone becomes a psychological magnet that attracts what deep down in its heart he is, and thus, a violent attracts violence; the lusty, scenes, dramas and even lust tragedies; a drunkard will attract drunkards and he will always be put in bars and discos, etc.
What will a usurer attract?, a selfish, How many problems, jails and misfortunes?

Nevertheless, people, who are sick of suffering, want to change, to get the turning point of their story. Poor people! They want to change and they don't know how, they don't know the procedure, they are put in a blind alley. What happened to them yesterday, happens to them today and will happen to them tomorrow. They always make the same mistakes and do not learn the life lessons, not even through cannon shots. All things are repeated in their own life, they say the same things, make the same things, deplore the same things.

This boring repetition of dramas, comedies and tragedies will continue while we carry in our interior the undesirable elements of WRATH, GREED, LUST, ENVIES, PRIDE, LAZINESS, GLUTTONY, ETC., ETC.

While we are not changed interior and psychologically, the repetition of all our miseries, scenes and misfortunes will continue. All things, all circumstances that happen around us, in our life, are just the reflection of what is happening down deep in our mind. Now we can easily understand what Enmanuel Kant once mentioned: "Outside circumstances are the reflection of Inner ones".



Actually, it is not an easy task to eliminate negative emotions, to lose all identification with our own lifestyle and every kind of problem: business, debts, payments, mortgages, telephone, water and light bills, etc.


Oficina de Empleo


Unemployed people, those who have lost their job for any reason, evidently suffer by lack of money and to forget their case, neither to worry nor to identify about their problems, is in fact frightfully difficult.

Those that suffer and cry, those who have been victims of any treason, of a badly payment in life, of some fraud, have forgotten themselves, their inner God and they are identified with its moral tragedy. A person, who is desperate by some sentimental, economic or political problem, has obviously forgotten "himself".


¡La vida es ilusoria!

If that person stops for a moment and observes the situation by trying to remember his own self and make an effort to understand the sense of his attitude, if he tries to understand, just for a while, "that all happens", that life is false, and death reduces to ashes all the vanities of this world; if he understands that his problem is not more than "a flame", fatuous fire that will be soon extinguished, then he will see suddenly that everything has changed.

Actually, human beings react mechanically in front of the diverse circumstances of life, this turns us into victims. If somebody flatters us, we smiled; if we are humiliated, we suffered; we insulted if we are insulted; we hurt if we are hurt, and that's why we are never free, since our fellows have the power to take us from joy to sadness, from hope to desperation.

Agregados Psicológicos o Defectos.

It is necessary for human beings to know the techniques and psychological practices that Gnostic wisdom teaches, which allows us to know ourselves, to eliminate, with special techniques, those internal forces and hidden "I’s" called PSYCHOLOGICAL EGOS or defects. They are those that act through us and make us react mechanically in front of the diverse circumstances of life.

Lema de la Sabiduría en Grecia

Many people who have known and practiced these psychological techniques have obtained extraordinary changes that have helped them to live better and to know LOVE, which transmit to their fellows.

GNOSIS and Anael Center lead the humanity to a radical change, this change can't be postponed and it must start already if the accomplishment wants to be reached.

That psychic state that each one of us has, is the product of a length and complicated process which we have been educated through. A family, scholastic or social education is the mold in which we all have been formed. The more identified and absorbed with our customs the more difficult it would be to get rid of this mold.

In Ancient Greece, Delfo's prophetesses, who prophesied to the crowds at the middle of torches, gave to the 7 wise people of Greece among them Solom and Tales from Mileto, the maximum wisdom motto: "HOMO NOSCE TE IPSUM" that means: "Man, know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods".

The Gnostic Center Anael is a school of real wisdom that revive and reveals for all the humanity, the great mysteries indicating the way to the perfection of man without race, color or sex distinction.


.: The Psychological defects.

The problem of human pain resides exclusively in our defects. Because of them, each one of us sows pain, suffering, misery, disease in our life. We suffer and we make the rest of the humanity suffer, even if they are our own family.

Los defectos que tenemos son la causa del dolor y el sufrimiento


Thanks to Gnosis and Master Samael Aun Weor, we know that the defect is the cause of the human pain, he teaches us to know ourselves and to know the defect that acts through us, to eliminate it.

If we could have a practice that allowed us to know "ourselves" and our mistaken forms to think, feel and act, it is logical that we would eliminate our defects, we would not commit errors and we would build better and happier lives.

But humanity is defenseless. Because of the defects we sow our own pain: separated homes, jail, death, violence, etc. By a wrath defect, by a meaningless situation, the spouses fight themselves, suffer the children and the home breaks. Humanity is put in a blind alley, but GNOSIS has opened the doors of the spiritual knowledge for our easing the pain.

Las peleas de los esposos afecta a los hijos.


Every human being has a body and soul united by a silver cord. In GNOSIS we call the SOUL, ASTRAL BODY.

GNOSIS and the Center Anael, give tecniques to exit consciously in astral body.

When a person sleeps, the SOUL or astral body leaves the physical body by the pineal gland, on the way to the fifth dimension or world of dreams. 
The defects are thought forms created by human beings and are living in our subconscious. When a person is sleeping the defects go with the SOUL or ASTRAL BODY keeping he/she with the conscience asleep, so he/she don't realize that he/she is in the fifth dimension. 

At the time of the death, an angel of death cuts off the silver cord that unites the body with the SOUL. The body is buried, but the soul or astral body moves to the fourth dimension carrying all the defects of the deceased. Over there, the soul is judged according to her actions, as it appears in Psalm 82 from the holy scriptures: “GOD STANDS IN THE CONGREGATION OF THE MIGHTY;
HE JUDGES AMONG THE GODS”.  The judges of the divine law grant to the soul a new body. An angel of the life under the direction of the Archangel Gabriel reconnects the silver cord to the head of a sperm that has fertilized an egg; and as a consequence a new creature would be born. Thus, in the new creature, the soul has a new body and returns to receive the consequences of its good and bad actions from the previous life.




The defects return again to the soul manifesting themselves in the new body. Thus, everything will repeat at the same age exactly as it happened in the previous life, the same love, the same disputes, the same separation, the same friends and enemies will appear again. Thus, we say that the life of every human being is like a movie. After death, we carry this film for the eternity and live it again in a retrospective way in the trial that is performed to our SOUL in the ASTRAL plane. When we return to a new physical body, we project and repeat the film of the life in our new existence.

By ACT OF THE RECURRENCE everything returns to occur as happened, plus the good and bad consequences.

¿Qué es el amor a primera vista?

We need a transformation if we want to change our life. This is only possible if we will to do it deeply. In the Gospels, Paul teaches us: "IT IS NECESSARY TO ELIMINATE THE OLD MAN AND GIVE RISE TO THE NEW MAN". The old man is represented by habits, customs, mechanical behavior and defects. The new man is the Christ in each one of us.

In the Bible, Christ and the apostles invite us to a second birth and to a real transformation. It is for this reason, that if we do not know and eliminate our defects, all our suffering will be repeated in the next existence.

The LAW OF RECURRENCE is one of the 48 laws that prevail upon the human nature. This law is explained in the first chapter of the Ecclesiastes: "What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun? One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever. The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose. The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits. All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again. All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun (everything happens again). Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us. There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after...” (new lives).



The following is a teaching by the Master Samael Aun Weor. He explains us clearly the laws of return and recurrence and their close relationship with karma through a personal experience:


”Coming into my memory in these instants are scenes of a previous reincarnation of mine during the Middle Ages. I was living in Austria, in accordance with the customs of that epoch. I do not deny that I was a member of an illustrious family of aristocratic rank. In that epoch, my people, my lineage were very conceited about matters of royal blood related with rigid ascendancy and notable ancestry. I feel ashamed, yet I must confess (and this is what is critical in this matter) that I also was engulfed within the bottle of those social prejudices, the matters of that epoch! One given day, it does not matter which, a sister of mine became in love with a very poor man, and of course, this was the scandal of the century. The ladies of the class of nobles and their stubborn little fops, dandies, dudes, peacocks, and coxcombs, came to skin alive the neighbour. They scoffed at my unhappy sister. They said that she had disgraced the honour of the family, and that she could have married better, etc.”.

”It did not take long for my poor sister to become a widow, but the outcome of her love was clearly a child. What if she would have wanted to return into the bosom of her family? It was not possible. She greatly knew the viperine tongue of those elegant ladies, their fastidious counterpoints, their disregard. Therefore, she preferred an independent life”.

”Did I help the widow? It would be an absurdity to deny it. Did I have pity on my nephew? That is true. Unfortunately, there are times when one is trying not to be a person without pity, yet one becomes pitiless. That was my case. Feeling pity on the child, I put him in a boarding school (with the pretext that he could receive a strong, firm and vigorous education) without taking into account the feelings of his mother, and I even committed the error of prohibiting this suffering woman to visit her son. I thought that in this way my nephew would not receive any type of harm, so, he could become someone else later, that is to say, to become a great gentleman, etc.”.

”The path which leads to the abyss is paved with good intentions. True? Yes, it is true. How many times when one is trying to do good, one accomplishes evil! My intentions were good, but my actions were mistaken. Nonetheless, I was firmly believing that I was doing the right thing. My sister was suffering greatly because of the absence of her son, and she could not even see him at the college, as this was prohibited for her”.

“By all means, it is clear that from my part there was love for my nephew and cruelty for my sister. However, I thought that if I was helping the son I would also be helping his mother. Fortunately, as if by magic, the police of Karma, the Kaom, emerge inside each one of us, within those intimate regions where love is missing. To flee from the agents of Karma is not possible, since inside of each one of us exists the police who inevitably will conduce us towards the tribunals”.

”Many centuries have passed since that epoch. All of the personages from that drama became old and they died. However, the Law of REOCCURRENCE is terrible, because everything is repeated as it once happened, along with its consequences”.

Samael en el siglo XX

”In the twentieth century, we, all the actors of that past event, have reencountered ourselves again. Everything has been repeated in a certain way, but it is clear that it has been with consequences. This time I was the one who was repudiated by the family. Such is the Law. My sister reencountered her husband anew. I do not reject the fact that I am united again with my ancient priestess spouse, known with the name of Litelantes. The so adored and fought over nephew became reborn again, this time with a feminine body. She, by the way, is a very beautiful girl. Her face seems to be a very delightful night and the stars shine in her eyes”.

”One time, the date does not matter now, we were living next to the sea, the girl (my ancient nephew) could not play as she was grievously ill with an intestinal infection. It was a very delicate situation as various children of her age died in that epoch because of the same cause. Why should my daughter be an exception? The numerous remedies which were administrated to her frankly were useless. In her infantile face, the unmistakable profile of death was already starting to be drawn with horror. By all means the failure was standing out, the case was lost, and I did not have any other chance than to visit the Dragon of the Law, the terrible genie of Karma whose name is Anubis”.

”Fortunately, thanks be given to God, we, Litelantes and I, know how to consciously and positively travel in the Astral Body. Therefore, it was not a problem for us to present ourselves together in the palace of this Great Archon, within the parallel universe of the fifth dimension. That Temple of Karma is impressive, majestic and grandiose. The Hierarch was there, seated on his throne, imposing, and terribly divine. Anyone would be frightened to see him officiating with that sacred mask of a jackal, just as he appears in many embossments of the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs”.

El Maestro Anubis según el Libro de los Muertos.

”Finally, the opportunity to talk to him was granted to me, and clearly I did not let it pass away so easily: You have a debt with me -I told him-. Which one? He answered astonished. Then, completely satisfied, I introduced to him a man who in a foretime was a perverse demon. I am referring to Aztaroth, the great Duke. This was a lost son for the Father, -I continued, saying unto him-, nonetheless, I saved him, by showing him the path of the light, I took him out of the Black Lodge, and now he is a disciple of the White Brotherhood, and you did not pay me this debt”.

Niña muy enferma.

”The case was that this daughter of mine had to die in accordance with the Law, and her soul was to penetrate within the womb of my sister in order to form a new physical body for my daughter. This is how I understood it. Therefore, I added, -I ask that Aztaroth can go into the womb of my sister instead of the soul of my daughter. The solemn answer of this Hierarch was definitive: ‘Granted, let Aztaroth go into the womb of your sister, and let your daughter be healed’ Therefore, that girl (my ancient nephew) was miraculously healed, and then my sister begot a male-child. I had capital in order to pay that debt, I had Cosmic Capital. The Law of Karma is not a blind mechanical Law, as many pseudo-esoterists and pseudo- suppose”.

”As these matters show, it becomes evident and easy to comprehend that with the possible death of my daughter, I had to feel the same pain of detachment, the same bitterness which in an ancient epoch my sister was feeling for the loss of her son”.

”Thus, by means of the Great Law, the damage would be compensated, with the repetition of similar scenes. However, this time I, myself would be the victim. Fortunately, Karma is negotiable, this Law is not the blind mechanicalism of the Astrologers and Chiromancers of fairs. I had cosmic capital, so, I paid that old debt. Thus, thanks to God, it was possible for me to avoid the bitterness which was awaiting for me”.

Commentary of the Director:
In that life, the physical body of Master Samael Aun Weor was living in Austria, within the Royal Habsburgo Family. One of his sisters married a plebeian, and for this she was despised by her family.
Escudo del Linaje de Los Hansburgo de Austria.

By that time, the physical body of Master Samael, being very well-intentioned, made the decision to separate the kid, his nephew, from his mother in order to educate him. She wasn't even allowed to visit him and she suffered bitterly, as a result.

Years past and all the members of that family, who were part of that human drama, aged and died. After many centuries, all happened again the same way it had happened but with its consequences and by virtue of the law of recurrence and karma. All these characters were born again and they reencountered one more time. Samael's sister came back as his sister again and she married the same man who was her husband when they were living in Austria. Samael married his wife Litelantes once again, too.

By that time in Austria, his sister was repudiated by her family. Now, Victor Manuel Gómez, as his physical body was named, was also repudiated by his family. He had to flee away from home, because his father and stepmother used to mistreat him all the time. He had been separated from his mother and they didn't permit him to visit her. He had made his sister suffer; now he had to suffer. In that reincarnation, when he was living in Austria, he forbade his sister to visit his son. Now he was forbidden to see his mother. Now we certainly understand the divine Christ when he says: "Do not do unto others what you do not want to be done unto you".

Some years later, Victor Manuel Gómez married Litelantes again and with his little kids, they went to live in a humble house, near the seashore, in Ciénaga (Magdalena), Colombia. While living there, one of his kids got very sick, several children had died from the same illness in that town. Death showed itself in the face of the little daughter. This was a lost case and the little girl was sentenced to die by Law of karma. (More information about karma, here!)

Salida en astral.

Nevertheless, Samael and his wife Litelantes traveled in astral to visit the great Master of Karma, that is Master Anubis. It turns out that in the past, Master Samael, with the Gnostic teachings, made a perverse devil, named Aztaroth, quit the Black Magic and join to the White confraternity. On the basis of this fact, he negotiated with Master Anubis, to help his daughter. The deal was accepted and his daughter healed immediately "by miracle".

Now, we might understand how important it is to verify, live and share these holy Gnostic teachings on face of the earth. Remember that we can pay karma with pain, but we can also pay it with love.

In this life and thanks to the disclosure of this message, I have been able to negotiate terrible pieces of karma that otherwise had made me even die. This “cosmic cash” to pay and keep negotiations is fantastic!


We invite you to see the film "Peaceful Warrior" which explains in detail what this section explains:


"La mujer, el Eterno Femenino, envuelve con sus miradas de luz al planeta entero" Samael Aun Weor

V.M Samael Aun Weor

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