La clave para ser sabio siempre se basa en el conocimiento de uno mismo..


Aprender a manejar esa maravillosa energía del sexo significa convertirse en un maestro de la creación...


La ley del karma es la ley que vincula de manera sabia e inteligente el efecto con la causa. Todo lo bueno o malo que hemos hecho en cualquiera de nuestras vidas traerá consecuencias buenas o malas para ésta o próximas existencias...


La humanidad está viviendo momentos muy difíciles. El hombre se ha olvidado de "sí mismo" y se compromete en errores, cuyas consecuencias son el dolor y las enfermedades...


San Pablo nos dice en la Biblia: "Y hay cuerpos celestiales, y cuerpos terrenales..." Tenemos prácticas para que usted vea cuando su alma sale de su cuerpo





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Trascendental Psychology
Meditating Buddha

Based on the book "Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology" by Samael. Download it for free!

Mechanical Association.

We have to take into account that the defects associate each other mechanically with images, sounds, words, in time and space.

When we observe ourselves with the SOL technique, in that moment the light of consciousness illuminates our subconscious and allows us to observe some defect. The external world (people, objects, sounds, etc.) penetrates us as impressions by means of our physical senses, which usually are handled by our defects.

Asociación Mecánica
These impressions of anger, lust, greed, if not transformed by the consciousness, will transform themselves in new defects or will make the already existing defects stronger. This is why we need to stay conscious with the SOL technique and the questions: What am I thinking? What am I doing? Where am I?

Suppose that a man sees a woman; that is an impression that penetrates through the eyesight and makes its way toward the subconscious; there the defect takes the opportunity and brings the individual the memory of another woman to whom he has not spoken for years. He revives part of his life "film", forgets about himself, and daydreams about something that happened so long ago. This "I" brings by association, memories that sleep his consciousness and make out of his life "dreams and illusions".

.:Concentration, Relaxation and Meditation.

Every day when you go to bed or in the moment that you decide to do so, you should practice relaxation. You should concentrate in each one of the parts of your body and imagine them totally relaxed.

In a comfortable position, without falling sleep you command: "muscles of my right foot, relax, relax, relax!"

You visualize and imagine the total relaxation of your right foot. After that, you relax your right leg, your right thigh, your right arm; the urinary system (kidneys, urethras and bladder) the respiratory system (nose, trachea and lungs), the digestive system (mouth, esophagus, thin and tick intestine, liver, spleen and pancreas) the head, your organs, etc.

When you are totally relaxed you will concentrate in the buzzing sound like a cricket that resounds in your head, without thinking. Any thought that comes to you during concentration, relaxation and meditation should be eliminated and you should keep on with your practice.

Now, when you are totally relaxed, perform the retrospective of everything you did during the day; that is; project the "film" retrospectively from the moment you went to bed back to the moment that you awoke in the morning. That way you will revive every dram, scene and circumstance. Study every scene, if you had an argument during the day you must visualize all that happened, see your gestures, what you said, what you did, etc., like if you were watching a movie about yourself.

This will let you to know the defects that participated in that drama to afterward ask your Divine Mother for elimination. This way you will revise and visualize the "film" of your daily life. By eliminating the defects, your percentage of consciousness will increase. If you perform this practice in a permanent way, your life will be greatly transformed. You must have strong will power.

The fundamental thing about meditation is not to forget about your real being and to perform from moment to moment the SOL technique, that is to ask yourself: What I am thinking? What I am feeling? And to observe those thoughts and feelings. When you discover the defect you must ask: "Divine Mother, eliminate this defect and this thought". You must also comprehend and dissect the defect (comprehend the diverse parts of the defect).


.: Elimination of defects.

After having reviewed the "film" of the day, with comprehension, dissection and death
of the diverse actors or defects that performed in the "film", you must make a deeper physichological work in the following form:

Por ejemplo, al yo de la lujuria le pueden gustar mucho las lujeres de cabello largo.

If a certain lust "I" have always manifested inside you, an "I" that likes women with long hair, black eyes or in short pant, etc., you must revive each scene with its details and beg your Divine Mother to eliminate every defect that you are studying. We have also paid attention to other details; for instance, the "I" of lust of who likes the women with black eyes, we have to bring back every scence and beg for the elimination of every aspect to our divine mother.

The "I" of alcohol during the course of living...

If you were an alcoholic before you decide to change, you must revive every scene of your life related to the "I" or defect of alcohol, study every detail and ask elimination to the Divine Mother.

We can also revive all our live with its manifestations of pride, anger, fear, lust, etc. This way we will free our soul progressively from sin and we will awake our consciousness and with it the powerful sense of intuition, which means, the manifestation of our body and our soul.


The defect can be compared with a tree, with roots, branches and leaves.  We must remember that a defect is the addition of many "I's". 

Imagine a tree as a lust defect that likes women with long hair. If you know today a woman with long hair, you add up another leave to the tree, but if you self-observe and discover that, the tree will lose the leave but will continue existing.
To eliminate the tree, you must study all the details that lead you to identify yourself with each one of those women, comprehend them and eliminate them.
We need profound meditation about the death of the "I" or defect.

The practice of retrospection and meditation must be performed daily, so the spiritual advance and the changes in your life will be greater and you will start to know the happiness of living.

As you liberate your soul from sin, your Internal Master will be giving you in the astral world the true wisdom, having access to the mysteries of life and death, to the great realities of the universe and you will be developing inside yourself your own knowledge. This wisdom is a knowledge that transcends any material knowledge


.: The Psychological Moon.

Like the moon has two faces, one that you see readily and other that you don't see, that way is our subconscious that is called the Psychological Moon. It has two faces. The first face is constituted by the defects that we know and we know that we have. As we eliminate defects we will be increasing our percentage of awaken consciousness and our spiritual vision. With the increased light of our consciousness be means of self-observation, we will discover defects that we never thought we had and that belong to the hidden face of our Psychological Moon.

You can't judge a book by its cover.

The Christ gave us a psychological technique to know this hidden face of our psychological Moon, when he says: "WHY DO YOU LOOK AT THE SPECK THAT IS IN YOUR BROTHER'S EYE, BUT DO NOT PERCEIVE THE PLANK THAT IS IN YOUR OWN EYE?" which means that all the other human beings are a mirror to know our own defects. If I think of a person as being proud, I must study myself psychologically, because with my pride I judge what I believe is the pride of everybody else. What we see in others, we have in bigger size inside ourselves. We must not forget this Christ's teaching


.: The Transformation of Impressions.

An impression is all that makes an impact in our physical senses, e.g. objects, sounds, smells, flavors, etc. Every human being should learn how to transform the impressions that penetrate through the physical senses. It would be the best. If we don't transform these impressions, then they will go to our false personality, reviving old defects and creating new ones.

The impressions are made of energy and that's why if we practice their transformation, they will turn into nutriments for our consciousness. When Consciousness transforms impressions, mechanic or negative reactions will not happen but LOVE, COMPREHENSION, AND FORGIVENESS will be the result. The latter is the expression of Consciousness.

If we do not transform an impression -as those impressions of anger, lust or pride-, they will revive similar situations which happened in the past and consequently the corresponding defects will make us fall into the dream of the Consciousness, immersing ourselves into a world of dreams, fantasies, illusions, desires, hatred, etc.

For the transformation of the impressions we need to practice the SOL technique from instant to instant, self-observing us internally and psychologically what we are thinking and feeling. If we discover a thought, we need to proceed to comprehend, dissect and eliminate such thought (remember to make the petition to the Divine Mother).

This practice performed permanently will lead us to a point where the consciousness will transform the external world impressions; they will not penetrate inside us in a mechanic way with its painful consequences.

So, if you receive an impression of anger because you didn't like something about your wife, and you react with violence and aggression, you might end up divorced, you will give your children bad example, etc.; but if you transform that impression, the result will be totally different.

All these practices of psychology are wonderful and give great results. If you practice them you will start changing and will become more pleasing to others, get sick less and live better. These practices have been proven by thousands of students sincere to Gnostic science.

.: Psychology and Karma.

There are certain types of “I’s”, defects or psychological aggregates which are linked to the law of cause and effect, that is, the law of karma.
It would be impossible the elimination of certain types of “I’s” who live in our psyche, if we don’t do a cosmic business with the Lords of the Law previously.

For instance: A man afraid of what people may say, afraid of starvation, etc., orders to abort his own son, he even pays for it. It so happens that when a son comes to this world, he is indeed linked to his parents concerning the law of karma. We owe something to that child and he owes us something too. When we order his death through abortion, we are taking away his possibility to exist.

Luna psicologica


A person, due to a state of anger, political issues, proud, etc., kills somebody else. It could occur that the family of the deceased becomes ruined and unprotected. Let’s suppose that those who killed or ordered to kill, one day decide to become Gnostic students and then they understand that the fundamental base of the esoteric work is to keep a state of self-observation through the question “What am I thinking?”. Then, they start to practice the death on the way, begging the divine mother to eliminate that defect of murder. The Divine mother will not eliminate it because it is linked to the law of karma.

At this moment, it’s when the comprehension concerning the need to sacrifice ourselves for humanity starts to become essential. We have to disclose these wise teachings, because by doing this, we can earn the cosmic capital so we can do business with the law of God in order to pay the evil we have done. Just after that, our Divine Mother will eliminate those “cause-defects".

So, sacrifice for humanity, as a third factor of a tremendous revolution of consciousness, is very necessary if we really long for the inner self-realization of THE BEING. In this connection, we are inviting all the brothers, who participate in this course, to help us to disclose our web page www.anael.org/english the teachings on this site are indeed a life jacket for humanity. Thus, we all together, will raise the torch of God’s wisdom during this period, very close to Doomsday. We will enlighten the road of those who walk into the darkness, pain and ignorance.

It’s important to understand that not all the psychic aggregates or defects are linked to the law of karma, only some of them.




“El que tiene fe verdadera no necesita creer”. 

Samael Aun Weor. Libro La Gran Rebelión

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