La clave para ser sabio siempre se basa en el conocimiento de uno mismo..


Aprender a manejar esa maravillosa energía del sexo significa convertirse en un maestro de la creación...


La ley del karma es la ley que vincula de manera sabia e inteligente el efecto con la causa. Todo lo bueno o malo que hemos hecho en cualquiera de nuestras vidas traerá consecuencias buenas o malas para ésta o próximas existencias...


La humanidad está viviendo momentos muy difíciles. El hombre se ha olvidado de "sí mismo" y se compromete en errores, cuyas consecuencias son el dolor y las enfermedades...


San Pablo nos dice en la Biblia: "Y hay cuerpos celestiales, y cuerpos terrenales..." Tenemos prácticas para que usted vea cuando su alma sale de su cuerpo





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Noxious effects of drinking alcohol

In the path through life, human beings ignore almost everything. We neither know who we are nor where we are coming from or what is the purpose of our existence.


We are manipulated by unconscious forces that through publicity they impose us customs, vices, desires, etc. Our purpose is to help human beings to be able to known themselves and can be liberated from this false and illusory world in which we live and where no one is happy.


There is no need to discuss the effects of alcohol at length. Its name in Arabic (the same as the Algol star which represents the Head of Medusa cut off by Perseus) simply means the Demon...

Whether in fact it is a demon or a malefic spirit when it possesses man, its effects are clear and easily demonstrable from the drunkenness, the delirium tremens and the madness, with forms of paralysis and other hereditary defects passed down through descendants.


Unquestionably, alcohol has a vibratory tendency to disintegrate, dissolve and destroy, being a product of destruction which also originates in our organism and which is eliminated through the skin.


It dries our tissues and destroys nerve cells, which are gradually substituted with cartilage.


It is manifestly clear that alcohol tends to eliminate the capacity for independent thought and calm judgment since it fatally stimulates fantasy. It also shockingly debilitates ethical sense and individual liberty.

Dictators from the past, tyrants, were not unaware that it is easier to govern and enslave a nation of drinkers than that of abstainers. It is also well known that with a state of intoxication you can make someone accept any suggestion and carry out deeds which are contrary to their sense of decency and morality.

Adolf Hitler Joseph StalinMao Zedong

The influence of alcohol on crime is notorious, so much so that it is unnecessary to stress the fact.

Hideous alcohol climbs the precipice and tumbles into the abyss of perdition; it is the malignant substance, which intimately characterizes the "Infernal Worlds". Abominable Algol turns incessantly within the vicious circle of time.

The abominable vice of alcohol has left behind itself hundreds of died people, idiot children, rancor and families completely abandoned for its cause. The alcohol have stultified and degenerated the human race.


.: Stages of alcoholism.

This vice has three perfectly defined aspects:


The society has a false concept of manhood. The adolescent that is initiated into this horrible path does it because he wants to feel like a complete man. He believes that being a man means to be a drunkard, smoker, fornicator, adulterer, etc. The youngster reaches the crude vice of alcoholism, seduced by his friends believing that they are true men. However, the true man is the superman, which are the Initiates that have eliminated all their defects, have achieved the transmutation of the water in wine and became apostles. Men are: Krishna, Budha, Jesus, the 12 Apostles, Samael Aun Weor, etc.

Because the alcohol cannot be transformed in the stomach, the human organism rebels against the first drinks by vomiting and upsetting stomach because at the beginning the organism is not yet intoxicated.

Little by little the humans obligate and teach their cells and atoms the necessity of alcohol.

The alcohol pass directly to the circulatory system and from there to the brain cells producing intense excitement and euphoria. In this stage, the man look like a peacock because he peacocks and imagines himself that people are looking at him but once the intense excitement of the brain cells has passed, the cells become drunkard and the individual losses control upon movement and mind.



The human organism strongly rejects the harmful ingredient of alcohol to which it is not accustomed, but because the human wants to get drunkard and destroy himself, he obligates its own body to drink, later the organism ask for more and more drink. Thus, little by little the alcohol affects the nervous system generating the loss in the capability to coordinate the movements, imbalance and sometimes falls, if it is abused it can produce the locomotor Ataxia which is a paralysis proper of alcoholics.

The alcohol produces depressive effects and an apparent sensation of heat due to the expansion of the blood vessels but really what happens is a loss of heat from the organism. In this stage of drunkenness the alcoholic looks like an ape, he has the rudeness proper of an ape, he becomes clown, dancer, figther, wins the love of somebody else’s wife and many of them give kisses to their friends. When they loss the complete control of movement they look like pigs crawling in the mud and dirt throwed in any street of the city or town.

On arriving at this second phase, the organism no longer feels well without alcohol. The intoxicated doctor can no longer carry out a surgical operation without his favorite drink; his pulse shakes, and if he carries out the operation, the results are very bad. The businessman can no longer do business without alcohol; he feels timid, nervous and fails. The worker is already incapable of working without his drink, he feels weak. Alcohol becomes a necessity for the intoxicated organism. The intoxicated one drinks and drinks, and becomes a human machine whose only thinking and purpose of existence is the alcohol.


Every alcoholic intoxication concludes with death. Death can result from an ulcer, hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver, or generally from any bad aspect of the liver, stomach, etc. and nobody can guess right what is causing the death: would it be the heart, the cirrhosis, a car accident, a violent death as a consequence of an emotional or mental imbalance, internal hemorrhages, etc.? But the death of a drunkard in general is horrible and those who drink and do not eat while drinking are practically suicides.


Muerte Alcohol

The alcohol is the cause of 70% of the accidents and of the majority of homicides. The alcohol produces excess of hydrochloric acid, which together with alcohol damages the tissues of the stomach walls, and the blood vessels generating ulcers and hemorrhages…the excess of hydrochloric acid produces alcoholic gastritis.

CIRROSIS HEPÁTICA ALCOHÓLICAThe liver has 5 important vital functions, among which it neutralizes the toxic substances and produces several vital substances to have a healthy body. The alcohol interrupts all of these functions and this is the principal cause of death in the alcoholic persons.

The death of a drunkard is very horrible. They become very nervous in clinics and hospitals due to the lack of alcohol, they clamor, shout, and demand the bottle of alcohol; their desperation is frightening. Some die vomiting blood, others with terrible bloody diarrhea, etc.

The alcohol burns the tail of the sperms, which originates stupid children. The alcoholic with the time will be suffering of high blood pressure and heart diseases. The most serious problem is that the alcohol for its depressive effects produces premature sexual impotence and this is very painful. We know numerous cases of people younger than 30 years old sexual impotent and sterile caused by alcohol.

Psychology of the Drunkard.

The totally intoxicated drunkard spends everything on the vice; when the drunkard does not have any more to spend, then he becomes a beggar, thief, swindler, or in the best of cases, nothing more than a simple slave of alcohol, a beggar of alcohol. The intoxicated loses all concepts of honor, dignity, responsibility, etc., and only one thing in life interests him, drinking. Alcohol becomes a vital, fundamental necessity for the intoxicated; that is all.

The serious things of life do not have any value for the drunkard; he is completely irresponsible. The intoxicated alcoholic is immoral in the most complete sense of the word. Dignity, word of honor, virtue, etc., have absolutely no importance for the intoxicated alcoholic. The hard-hearted drunkard laughs at all those human qualities, and even feels infinitely superior to his fellowmen.

.: Campaign against alcoholism.

The true, effective campaign against alcohol is achieved by explaining, with every detail, the three defined aspects of this horrible vice. These three aspects of the path of alcohol: initiation, intoxication, and death should be pointed out at home, in school, at the university, in academies, etc. Only creative comprehension can save people from falling into this horrible and frightening vice.

Really, the real education begins at home. The parents that drink give bad example to their children and lead them to the fatal path of the abyss. In home, children should be taught what is this horrible vice. This kind of teaching accompanied by a good example is radical in warning new generations against the vice of alcohol. Whatever is learned well at home is never forgotten. The bases of the young are found at homes, at school and in the streets.

The youth raised upon the base of the Fundamental Education results in fact edifying and dignifying…the youth raised upon false bases is by logic consequence a wrong path. The excess of the youth are letters drawn against the oldness, payable with high cost interests.

Without Fundamental Education, the youth results in a perpetual drunkenness: it is the fever of the error, of the liquor and of the animal passion.

The gnostic science teaches the fundamental psychological techniques that lead to the self-knowledge, to the perfeccionism and to a better life. The gnostic science fights for the human regeneration, to recuperate and raise the moral and spiritual values scorned at the moment by the atheist intelectualism. Moreover, it teaches the 3 factors of revolution of conscience and the inner self-exploration by means of the self-observation to know the causes and eradicate from us error and pain.

MESSAGE FROM SAMAEL AUN WEOR: "Listen very well gnostic students, in the light of the Sun or of the Moon, of the day or of night with the demon Algol you must be radicals. The alcohol is very traitorous and sooner or later gives us a stab in the back".

Our purpose is that the human beings know themselves and can liberate from false and illusory world in which we live and where no one is happy.

…mi vida se va acabando con este problema…

Soy Víctor, vivo en Lima, Perú. Bueno, hace ya más de 10 años consumo bebidas alcohólicas, en verdad que cada año que pasa mi vida se va acabando con este problema que tengo, siempre digo que ya no lo voy a hacer, pero siempre caigo. He ido a charlas de Alcohólicos Anónimos, pero en verdad no me siento muy bien, es por eso que me recomendaron visitar la página de Gnosis y es así como me interesó, siempre leo y me informo, pero pienso que igual lo voy a volver a hacer.

...a los 15 años ya me alcoholizaba frecuentemente.

Les quería comentar mi experiencia con esta droga... Empecé a tomar porque un amigo me insistía a hacerlo (Toti), y yo lo hice, así empecé a tomar...y a los 15 años ya me alcoholizaba frecuentemente. Hoy, con 18, tengo este vicio y hasta estoy ebrio mañana y tarde...no puedo evitar el consumo de alcohol ya que mi organismo lo necesita, y por eso pido ayuda a esta página y ver si puedo encontrar una institución que pueda ayudarme... muchas gracias.

¡Cuánto dolor para nosotras las madres, cuando nuestros hijos tienen algún vicio!

Mi hijo tiene 44 años, es de profesión marino. Desde los 17 se inició en la vida del alcohol; tomaba whisky cada vez que podía y duraba hasta un mes bebiendo. Ahora se encuentra enfermo, los médicos lo examinaron y no le encuentran nada. Él siente mucho dolor y como una masa en la parte del hígado, le ha dado fiebre, perdió el apetito, tiene diarrea, los ojos hundidos y la piel pegada al cuerpo; casi no puede caminar, le van a realizar una escanografía para confirmar si es un tumor y así realizarle una cirugía.Se nos ha ido acabando el dinero, siempre le suplicábamos a él que no bebiera.

...fué algo muy tormentoso…

Yo me llamo Samantha y tengo 16 años… mi familia y yo vivimos por mucho tiempo en un gran y oscuro hoyo: mi papá fue adicto desde los 12 años, fue algo muy tormentoso, era alcohólico y consumía cocaína. Llegaba a fumarse un churro diario con una caguama. Era muy agresivo, golpeaba a mi mamá y la engañaba, tenía otro hijo. Cuando llegaba drogado a la casa, siempre había pleitos, un día quebró la ventana y tuvimos que hablar a la policía, nos robaba para conseguir la droga.

…ya no quiero consumir alcohol…

Mi nombre es Elena, tengo 23 años y soy alcohólica, empecé a beber a los 15, todo era diferente en ese entonces... sólo tomaba un poco y ya, pero con el paso del tiempo no me di cuenta cómo y cada vez tomaba más... he llegado al fondo y ya no quiero estar así. Mis padres ya no saben cómo ayudarme. En muchas de las veces que andaba tomada tuve relaciones con jóvenes que no conocía, engañando al que ha sido mi novio y fue el primer hombre en mi vida. He consumido cocaína en más de 3 veces y fumado marihuana más de 1 vez.

"El ignorante afirma, el sabio duda y reflexiona."


…estoy haciéndole mucho daño a toda mi familia con mis borracheras…

Me llamo Fredy, vivo en Lima, Perú, bebo desde los 17 años, ahora tengo 42, aunque relativamente he tenido algunos éxitos como por ejemplo: ser profesional hace poco y estoy estudiando para ser Ingeniero de Sistemas. Sin embargo, hoy me sentí muy mal, porque me gasté el dinero de mi esposa, que es para techar su casa y todavía me porté mal, quiero decir que estoy haciéndole mucho daño a toda mi familia con mis borracheras. Me basta probar un vaso para "seguirla".

…denme un consejo para restablecer mi cerebro…

No soy un adicto al alcohol, pero cuando tomo lo he hecho en exceso. Una vez tomé por 2 semanas de seguido y a partir de ahí, siento que hubo una pérdida cerebral en mi cuerpo, que se manifiesta en mí, al no poder coordinar mis pensamientos bien. ¡Por favor, denme un consejo para restablecer mi cerebro, si pueden!.

…soy testigo del sufrimiento de vivir con un alcohólico…

El tema que ustedes tratan me parece muy importante, porque es el flagelo del siglo. La verdad es que soy testigo del sufrimiento de vivir con un alcohólico y muchas veces no sé hasta cuándo voy a ser capaz de soportar. Sí el alcohólico supiera el daño que le produce a la familia, esposa, hijos en fin... Los felicito por el tema. Gracias.

…me causó el alcohol mucho daño…

Lo primero es que me siento solo, pero a la vez no lo estoy, porque tengo a toda mi familia. No entiendo cómo entré al vicio del alcohol y me duele mucho y quiero sacármelo de mi vida, pero no puedo evitarlo. Me duele mucho porque hago sufrir a mi familia, en especial a mis padres. Al final yo también me estoy matando y quiero ayuda, ya que me causó el alcohol mucho daño: el valor de mi personalidad, moral, sentimental, social, bajo autoestima, en mis estudio universitario que me afectó dándome perjuicio futuro, sólo soy un bachiller.

...El alcohol ha acabado con mi vida...

Soy testigo de cada palabra que cuentan y necesito ayuda. El alcohol ha acabado con mi vida entera. No tengo amigos y no confío en nadie. Saliendo al bar de la esquina, he disminuido mi dignidad, ya que me he sentado y emborrachado. El alcohol es un demonio y no quiero seguir con él. ¡Por favor, ayúdenme!

Recomendar a un Amigo