La clave para ser sabio siempre se basa en el conocimiento de uno mismo..


Aprender a manejar esa maravillosa energía del sexo significa convertirse en un maestro de la creación...


La ley del karma es la ley que vincula de manera sabia e inteligente el efecto con la causa. Todo lo bueno o malo que hemos hecho en cualquiera de nuestras vidas traerá consecuencias buenas o malas para ésta o próximas existencias...


La humanidad está viviendo momentos muy difíciles. El hombre se ha olvidado de "sí mismo" y se compromete en errores, cuyas consecuencias son el dolor y las enfermedades...


San Pablo nos dice en la Biblia: "Y hay cuerpos celestiales, y cuerpos terrenales..." Tenemos prácticas para que usted vea cuando su alma sale de su cuerpo





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Astral travel
Astral travel

For the good of all humanity, Master Samael taught the following techniques to travel consciously in astral body.

The Initiate must acquire practice, infallible capacity to project oneself consciously in astral body. This capacity must be acquired like a habit, to use it voluntarily, at any time, under any circumstances, it does not matter if we are alone or with people around. Otherwise we will lose the chance to learn many things invisible for most of the people, things only initiates can learn.


Unexpected and sudden astral travel.

This is the story of a gOut of body experienceentleman who was sleeping and had to get up to open the door of his house, because heard somebody was knocking. When he returned to bed, he was very surprised to find a man on the bed. When watching carefully, he realized that the man on the bed was his own body, which stayed on the bed.

From this story, you could realize that when a man gets up and leave the bed at the moment when he's dozing, the "astral travel" happens.

The gentleman of the previous case, was able to astral travel because he got up and leave the bed without thinking, reasoning or mental analysis, there were neither fears, nor prejudices. He got up to open the door on the spot, and that was it.

.: The sound of cricket.

Within the human brain, inside its cells, there is constant resonating sound called the "subtle-voice". It is a sibilant high-pitched sound, it is the "sound of cricket", the "serpent wheezing", the "Anahat sound", the "voice of Brahama". It has ten pitches which must be identified by initiates. The mind of students must be absorbed in that sound, like a bee in nectar of flowers. 
Those who wish to listen to the "Anahat sound" must have nothing in mind, mind's students must be a blank, not eased but quiet. 
Those who try and decide to listen to this mystical sound, must keep the mind in silence, not silenced but in silence.

En cuerpo astral podemos viajar a otros planetas.


It is necessary to distinguish between a mind that is quiet -because it has understood that thinking is useless- and an artificially eased mind. 
A mind that is in natural spontaneous silence and another that is violently forced to be in silence. 
When the mind is quiet, in deep silence, the student can inevitably listen to the "sound of cricket", a subtle high-pitched penetrating sound. 
Furthermore, if the student's soul is absorbed in this mystical sound, then he can easily penetrate into the Mystery. 
In that moment, get up and leave the bed on the spot, leave the bedroom to go to Temples of the White-Lodge, or to any other place of the universe. 
The disciple must learn how to play Orfeo's Lyre. That lyre is the Word, the sound, the great say.

.: The mantra FARAON.

Doze at the same time that you vocalize the mantra FARAON over and over, pronounced in three syllables, this way: FFFAAA... RRRAAA... OOONNN...

To listen to the mantra as it must be pronounced, see the following video:


You should lie down horizontally on your back. 
Palms of your hands must lay stretched on the surface of the mattress without rigidity. Your Knees must be bent with the soles of your feet on the bed. All your body must be relaxed, limb by limb. 
When being ready, doze, take a deep breath and vocalize the mantra FARAON. Take a deep breath again and keep on vocalizing over and over. 


Once slept, the disciple will leave the physical body, without noticing when or how.
 When being at these internal worlds, in the fourth dimension, with your astral body projected, your total conscience will wake up, and you will start living unprecedented situations that are used to happening in these worlds.
Our dear savior of the world, Jesus Christ, used to use this mysterious technique when he studied into the Khefren's Pyramid.
For better results, Master Huiracocha advises to burn some incense while doing this practice, or just impregnating the room with a good perfume.


.: Special "DISCERNMENT" tecnique.

While dreaming, all human beings move in astral, float out of the physical body. Unfortunately human beings wander around the internal worlds, with the conscience absolutely slept.

We all are usually doing during the dream in the astral world the same things we do while being awake. If somebody could notice this, that person would have the opportunity to contemplate with his astral eyes, all the wonders of superior worlds and could dedicate oneself to the study of the great Mysteries of Life and Death. We are revealing a technique to wake up conscience in the astral world, during the dream, in the superior worlds.


EXERCISE: During wakefulness, while doing our usual tasks, it is necessary to get used to "discerning". When a student sees, for example, a beautiful sunrise, with all its purple color shades, the best that he can do is to wonder: Am I in astral body? Am I out of my physical body? Then, he must try to jump a little, with the purpose of floating, if floating happens, it is because it is the astral body. This is, the student left his physical body on the bed, sleeping, inactive, but of course with all its vital faculties. 

It is necessary to remember that in the Astral World people see exactly the same things they see in the physical world and that is why they strongly believe that they are in physical body. In the internal worlds, Law of Levitation governs, as law of Gravity in the physical world does.


That is why if somebody's jumping , floating is verified and this makes easier for students to wake conscience. 
Remember that every detail, every beautiful nature landscape, every thing worthy of attention must become a reason to wonder if it is the astral or the physical world, and so jump a little.

To learn more about "discerning", sign up for our Courses in Self-knowledge!!!

Ilustrative story of real life. 
My friend Juan was used to practicing this technique over and over, when noticing any difference worthy of attention. And one night… 
Juan visited some friends. They were very happy to see him. He was having a very nice conversation seated among them. However as Juan was accustomed to discerning when noticing any important detail, this meeting was enough to wonder If he was in astral body, if he was out of physical body. He saw everything around and it was evident that he was in physical body. His friends were wearing coats, ones were wearing suits, others were wearing business suits.


Everything indicated that Juan was not in astral body. However, he decided to jump. He asked his friends a permission to leave the enclosure. Being outside, he jumped the highest he could, he was determined to float. The result was surprising, he was floating in the space. He realized that he was in astral body and had left his physical body on the bed. Juan could discern because he was used to practicing this "discernment" technique over and over when doing his usual tasks.


Thus, this practice had been strongly recorded in his subconscious mind, and now it came oout of body experienceut automatically from the subconscious mind in the dream, when he was obviously out of his physical body. Being aware of the astral world, Juan returned to the enclosure and spoke to his friends like this: "I am telling you my friends that all of us are in astral body... the point is, that you friends went to sleep a few hours ago, and your physical bodies are in your respective beds and here we all are in astral body".


His friends saw each other and touched themselves saying: "That is impossible, we are in physical body, in the flesh". Finally they started making fun of Juan. They busted out laughing. Juan concluded that his friends were naive and had the conscience sleeping, he left the enclosure and floating in astral body, he decided to go to San Francisco, California and he certainly did it. He needed to visit a Temple that an Initiate founded there.

An "UNCONSCIOUS dead man". 
On the way to the temple, Juan met a man in astral body walking through a road. This man worked carrying on his back a very heavy load of wood. When Juan saw him, he noticed that the man was a dead man and had die some time ago. And now in astral body he wander around the road. That man was strongly convinced that he was walking in physical body, he wasn't aware of his death, he was walking with the conscience sleeping... and that very heavy load of wood on his back was but a mental image created by himself. That poor man had been working carrying and now after death he kept on doing the same labor.


Juan wanted to help him to wake up conscience and said to him: "Buddy, notice what you are doing... remember that you are dead, you have no physical body anymore. The man saw Juan with sleepwalker eyes, he did not understand what Juan was trying to tell him. Juan floated in front of him trying again, but everything was useless! That man had the conscience sleeping and any attempt to help him was a categorical failure. If this man had practiced the "Discernment" technique when still alive, he were able to wake up conscience during his normal dream and now after death, he could eventually become a conscious disciple of the great White-Lodge, even though he had no physical body. 
Juan gave up another try and went to the Temple he was initially going to. Then, he returned happy to his physical body. He introduced himself through the pineal gland, that is the window of Brahama, the seat of the soul, as Descartes called it.

Be sure that this technique have helped a lot of disciples who have been able to wake up conscience in internal worlds. The most important is to practice it over and over during the day, so that it can be strongly recorded in the subconscious mind, and could came out automatically from the subconscious mind in the dream. This makes the subconscious mind serve the conscious will. When returning to the physical body after dream, when returning to the state of normal wakefulness, the student should not move within the bed, because the physical body movement makes forget what was lived in the astral world. In that moment, a retrospective exercise should be practiced in order to remember which places were visited and what things learned when astral traveling.


... "puedo volar", así que comencé a volar…

Desdoblamiento Astral

Estuve intentando la técnica del faraón a la hora de acostarme en las noches. Una vez me sentí que ya estaba en astral, así que intenté sentarme, me sentía como flotando, estaba consciente de lo que me estaba pasando, así que intenté pararme, casi no podía sostenerme pues no sentía mis piernas pisando el suelo si no en el aire. Salí de mi cuarto, fui al primer piso para salir a la calle, con la preocupación de cómo voy a abrir las puertas, pues en mi casa siempre se preocupan por asegurarlas con candados y cerrojos, siempre tenemos esa preocupación en mi casa.

Regresé a mi cama y encontré mi cuerpo físico...

Desdoblamiento Astral

Hola, mi nombre es Julio, tengo 11 años. Me he propuesto practicar la clave para salir en astral. Un día cualquiera, estaba soñando, regresé a mi casa, como si fuera a dormir y encontré un cuerpo igual al mío en mi cama y me pregunté: ¿Estoy muerto?, pero me estiré el dedo y se me estiró, dí un salto y quedé flotando. Obsevé mi cuerpó astral, ví que estaba unido con el cuerpo físico con un cordón que ví de varios colores. Salí a flotar fuera de la tierra, la ví girando en el espacio. Luego regresé con mi cuerpo astral y me introduje en mi cuerpo físico.

...en el Centro Anael, salí conscientemente…

Desdoblamiento Astral

 Mi esposo estaba sufriendo mucho, porque su hijo en un accidente se dió un golpe en el cerebro y estaba en cuidados intensivos, en estado de coma. Los médicos decían que iba a quedar en estado vegetal, porque se le había dañado una parte del cerebro, y que no había nada hacer. Mi esposo estaba preocupado, por lo cual me propuse investigar en astral, para ver qué era lo que pasaba con el muchacho.

Quisiera contarles una maravillosa experiencia que tuve en cuerpo astral...

Desdoblamiento Astral

Para empezar, el día 8 de Febrero tuve mi primera experiencia en astral, en la cual duré un tiempo significativo, referente a otras cortas salidas: en la noche me acosté en mi cama, pero primero estuve rezando como lo hago todas las noches, pidiéndole a mi Dios que me ayudara a salir, me dispuse a dormitarme pronunciando en mi mente el mamtram "fffaaa... rrraaa... ooonnn". La verdad no supe en que momento me quedé dormido.

Desde que tenía 7 años me desdoblaba y viajaba a otro estado...

fallecidos, ellos siempre me esperaban como eran en vida: comiendo y platicando. Yo recuerdo que veía a muchas personas que nada mas yo veía, pero, así como los veía desaparecían, quizás por mi inocencia nunca sentí miedo. Ya al crecer, me di cuenta que a veces en platicas con mi familia yo siempre les decía: “va a pasar esto, pero no me pregunten cómo, simplemente ¡lo se!”, porque ni yo misma lo sabía. He estado leyendo libros del maestro Samael y he encontrado muchas respuestas que nadie mas había dado.

"La vision de la Realidad, como el sueño de un mudo, no puede ser descripta con palabras a otra persona."


…he experimentado viajes astrales desde pequeñita…

Desdoblamiento Astral

Les escribo porque yo he experimentado viajes astrales desde pequeñita, desde mi uso de razón. Cuando niña sufría mucho por esas cosas que pasaban que no entendía y me daba mucho miedo. Fuí creciendo y a medida que pasaba el tiempo iba desarrollando más esa facultad porque podía hacer cosas nuevas como salir del cuerpo, atravesar paredes espiritualmente, volar, hablar con quien quisiera espiritualmente.

... pensó que yo había ido físicamente...

Desdoblamiento Astral

He realizado la práctica de la clase #9 que trata del viaje astral, ya lo había experimentado antes, pero no del todo con la mente despierta; bueno, si me daba cuenta de las cosas, pero como si fueran sueños. Aparte que no sabía lo del brinquito, ni lo de jalar el dedo; empecé la práctica y sentí como cosquillas en todo mi cuerpo, al momento que mi alma salía de mi cuerpo. Fue extraordinario darme cuenta del suceso, no me asusté, pero si me emocioné mucho, por fin darme cuenta que mi alma viajaba.

...Encontré un gran Maestro, intuí que era el maestro Anubis…

Desdoblamiento Astral

Iba por una gran ciudad, en el sueño veía que era mediodía y sentí como si mi cuerpo no pesara, me sentí liviano y entonces me hice la pregunta: ¿Qué estoy pensando y sintiendo? y me estiré el dedo y se estiró e hice conciencia de que estaba consciente en cuerpo astral, en la quinta dimensión y comencé a observar a las gentes pero haciéndome a todo momento la clave que ustedes me enseñaron en el curso: ¿Qué estoy pensando? para no olvidarme de mí mismo. Vi al vendedor de jugos, al zapatero arreglando zapatos.

...el desdoblamiento se convirtió en parte de mi vida cotidiana...

Desdoblamiento Astral

En el día yo había leído la página y me quedé muy interesada... entonces esa noche lo experimenté... para ver si era verdad... y ¡me resultóoooo! Después de que yo me puse la mano izquierda en el corazón... y la derecha sobre la izquierda... y oré el Padrenuestro... me empecé a relajar y a sentir que mi cuerpo pesaba... entonces me acordé que en la página decía que había que pararse y dar un saltico... y yo lo hice... imaginándome al lugar donde quería ir...y de repente me vi flotando.. y mi cuerpo físico durmiendo... mi espíritu volvió solo al cuerpo... y ahora siempre lo hago...

...realmente floto y viajo en cuerpo astral...

Desdoblamiento Astral

Señor Director: Acabo de entender lo del saltito y realmente floto y viajo en cuerpo astral. ¡Es una maravilla!. Voy a poner anuncios en los periódicos de "La casa de cultura", en uno o dos institutos y en la Universidad a Distancia de mi pueblo. Es un pueblo de 30.000 habitantes, y de momento sólo está la Universidad a Distancia. Intentaré ir también a la universidad en la que estudiaba antes (fuera de mi pueblo) y poner anuncios también allí. Les avisaré cuando lo haya hecho. Gracias, un abrazo. Antonio.

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